Transform a Space with Specialty Fabrication

One of our main services at BSC Custom is the specialty fabrication of architectural elements. This includes fabrication of UL Listed custom lighting fixtures, which is described in the Custom Lighting section. We’re based in Metro Denver, and we work with clients in Colorado and all over the U.S.A.

These custom designs can take many forms. The purpose may be functional, artistic, or a bit of both. With all projects, our goal is to create beautiful and pleasing enhancements to building interiors and outdoor spaces. You may have noticed that many of the projects we create for our customers include elements from all three of our specialties: custom lighting, signage, and specialty fabrication. That’s one of the benefits of working with BSC Custom—we can include a wide variety of design elements for your project, and keep it all in-house with our team of talented designers and builders.

A Resource for the Design Community

Our specialty fabrication customers are mainly design-oriented specialists working in the commercial market. This includes Architects and Landscape Architects, designers, developers, project managers, and business owners. We consult, design, build, and install — as needed for each project.

Do you have a unique project and need some help building it? That’s where we excel. BSC Custom’s specialty fabrication team is a tremendous resource for anyone facing the challenge of building custom architectural elements. We have the experience and technical expertise to overcome challenges and get the job done right.

Creative design applied to our everyday surroundings has the ability to transform ordinary architectural components into aesthetically pleasing signature elements. We’re all about transforming your ideas into reality.

What Elements Can Be Designed?

Custom design can be applied to all areas of the building and the surrounding grounds, from the gate at the front entrance to the beams and columns which provide the structural support. As you can imagine, modifying structural elements is often costly, especially if such items have to be retrofitted. A much more affordable and effective solution is to custom design the architectural elements and the removable elements that are part of the interior fit out. This could include reception desks, staircases, door frames, dividers between rooms or any kind of custom art pieces. Large scale industrial art pieces constructed from steel, copper, or bronze are visually impressive and ensure a memorable experience for visitors to your premises.

Some of the elements that BSC Custom can design and build include:

  • UL Listed custom lighting fixtures for interior or exterior installation
  • Large scale sculptural art installations
  • Monumental obelisks with illumination
  • Environmental elements such as natural looking trees and rock work
  • Monuments with signage for residential or commercial developments
  • Masonry and wrought iron elements
  • All types of specialized signage, including LED, electric, and neon
  • Unique interior elements such as doors, dividers, staircases, and bannisters
  • Sandblasted glass donor recognition walls and etched glass design elements
  • Custom built structural elements for new buildings or retrofits
  • Elements and accents for landscape architecture
  • Architectural accents and specialty lighting for public infrastructure

Designing Our World

Architecture doesn’t need to be purely functional. Sculpture and art bring balance to commercial and public spaces. When you apply design to our surroundings, you can create harmony and a connection with our environment. BSC Custom has experience creating large scale artistic pieces that have become landmarks. If you’re an artist, designer, or Architect who needs help creating custom fabricated sculptural art, or assistance with a commissioned work, we can help.

Creating a Statement Piece For Your Business

If you’re a business owner, unique and exciting designs are sure to make your premises memorable amid the sea of competition. Humans are creatures of comfort and like to enjoy their surroundings. Establishments that have well-designed and interesting interiors stand out and make their customers feel like royalty, and are sure to become customer favourites. Customers often don’t mind paying extra for outstanding service, and the look and feel of your place of business is part of the overall experience you provide. Ask us about ideas for making your business stand out from the competition, through the creation of unique architectural elements.

What do you want to create?

From a rough sketch to a well drawn out plan, our team of designers and builders can transform any idea into stunning 3D artwork. Whatever you can envision, BSC Custom can help you make it a reality.

Whether you need us to follow your designs or work with you to create something brand new, we have the experience, the know-how, and the tools to do it all!