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Can you imagine producing over three hundred signs for a project? That’s exactly what our glass division recently delivered to a customer on the east coast.

Project Details

The project was a 12-story luxury apartment building in Boston. BSC Custom created etched glass signage for all of the building’s interior spaces, as well as a few exterior signs. The largest was an etched glass exterior wall marker with dimensions of 24″ x 38″. The smaller signs you see in these photos are in the 4″ to 8″ size range. In total, there was a total of of 325 glass signs created at BSC Custom’s glass shop in Metro Denver, and shipped to Boston. It was a big project that was delivered in stages over several months.

It included everything from the signs identifying each suite to the signage for all of the “back of house” facilities, such as the electrical and data rooms. Anywhere in the building that the public has access to received a glass sign.

Close up of glass signs

The Process

The lettering and graphics were created using a sandblasted etched glass process, which creates the relief texture in the glass. They also have raised braille dots, which is a legal requirement for public buildings.

The creation of hundreds of architectural etched glass signs takes time, but each one has to be perfect. Interior signage has a lot of eyes on it, and it has to be done right!

The signs in the photo above are made with 1/4″ glass blanks. The Architect’s plans called for white glass signs, so paint was applied to front and back, with a contrasting paint color for the letters. For durability and finish, they also received a matte coat and a final clear coat.

In this next photo you can see how graphics can be etched into the glass, and then painted.

Sample of an etched glass sign

This close up photo shows the scale and how the design is etched into the glass.

Details in etched glass sign

ADA Signage — It’s the Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that public buildings display ADA-compliant signage to accommodate the blind and people with low vision. These signs are in the public spaces of the building and must have raised lettering and braille symbols. This includes signs to identify floor numbers beside elevators and stairwells, as well as signs displaying suite numbers and offices.

In this photo of the Exit Stair sign, you can see the raised braille dots beneath the “2”. The frosted glass finish on the dots resists wear much better than paint.

bsccustom glass 09

You can read about ADA official standards in this U.S. government PDF on Standards for Accessible Design.

Gary Scherer in BSC Custom’s glass department is very familiar and experienced with ADA standards and requirements. He can help Architects and developers navigate the system and provide some practical advice for designers who are new to creating ADA signage.

Why Glass?

Architects and design firms have lots of choices when it comes to ADA signage, but many prefer to use glass. One of the main benefits of using glass for ADA signage is that that the braille dots and raised letters are extremely durable and long lasting. The glass also has a very nice feel to the touch, and has an elegant look.

Glass signs ready to be shipped to Boston

BSC Custom’s Glass Division

The architectural etched glass department has a focus on the creation of ADA compliant glass signage, as well as glass donor walls. Other signature architectural elements using glass can be created, with support for very wide sheets of glass. You can discover more about the many uses of Architectural etched glass in the Glasssection of our website.

If you have questions about using glass in a project or need a quote, please call our office in Broomfield, Colorado at 303-464-0644.

About BSC Custom

BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting is based in Metro Denver and provides specialty fabrication services, UL Listed custom lighting, architectural etched glass signage, and specialty commercial signage. We are a Colorado company, but we work on projects all over the USA. BSC Custom is a division of BSC Signs, Metro Denver’s premier full-service sign company. For more information visit the BSC Custom website, and follow us on Facebook.

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