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To make their projects stand out from the crowd and give areas a unique look, architects and designers turn to welding experts who are extremely talented architectural metal fabricators. The amount of creativity and precision they use to complete a project is almost unbelievable, and they help make your space incredibly customized. However, there is a lot to consider that goes well beyond the design portion of the project. For example, fabricators need to meet various industry standards and regulations to ensure safety. Keep the following in mind if you are undertaking a new architectural metal project.

1. Ongoing Care and Maintenance

Unknown to most people, there is a certain amount of maintenance that you will need to perform to keep metal surfaces looking their best. Over time, metals can tarnish and lose their luster and sheen without proper maintenance. This is especially true of bronze and copper because they oxidize so easily. For example, copper can turn a teal or green color as it ages due to oxidation, but proper maintenance can help forestall this process. Furthermore, shiny metals can appear tarnished more quickly because they show scratches, dings, and dents more easily than other metal surfaces. You will want to make sure you know how to properly clean your metal surfaces for regular maintenance.

2. Understand the Properties of Your Metal Structure

Before fabrication, you will want to talk to an expert about the properties of various types of metals. You may have several options, but an expert will be able to help you find the right material for your project. For example, some metals tarnish more quickly in certain environments. Regardless of the type of metal you select, also remember that you will want to make sure that your metal fabrication is installed last. The reason is that construction activities could pose a threat to the beauty of your metal structure with accidental dings and other types of damage.

3. Safety Needs to Remain Your Utmost Priority

Because most architectural metal fabrication projects end up in a public place, you need to make sure they are safe to reduce your liability. The last thing you would want is for anyone to become accidentally injured. As such, you shouldn’t only consider price when beginning a project – you need to be concerned with quality and safety. Even if you can save money in the short term, an unsafe structure could cost you boatloads of money down and harm someone’s health. Make sure you are working with the best fabrication team you can find.

4. Use Technology to Showcase Your Creativity

You also want to make sure that your welding and fabrication team is using the latest technology to ensure your project gets completed to your satisfaction. If your team isn’t using up to date equipment and their facility isn’t on the cutting edge of technology, they may have a difficult time translating your creative ideas into exceptional results.

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