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One of the oldest arts and crafts in the history of human civilizations are stonework and masonry.  Masonry, in the ancient times, was considered an art, and nowadays it has many applications in interiors (like bathroom and kitchen tiles) and exteriors (like garden stone walls).

Over times it has persisted as a craft, an artistic skill, and as a technique – whole buildings, infrastructure, and monuments that last for ages have been built using this ancient craft.

History of Masonry

Masonry was begun by building low or steep walls from stones and (sometimes) with baked mud. Mortar was also used in the walls for stability and protection against weather conditions.Wherever stones were readily available, the stone masonry has thrived, and wherever stones were unavailable bricks were made from local clay.

In time, people learned to quarry and cut stones with better precision. Masons also learned how to convert limestone into lime, thus replacing mud with lime mortar. In the fourth millennium B.C, Mesopotamians began building their temples and palaces of stone, increasing the popularity of masonry and stone art.


Highpoint sign made of brick and metal

In the third millennium B.C., ancient Egyptians built the renowned pyramids from stone blocks.  Millennia later ancient Greeks have mastered the technique by building their temples from limestone and marble.

Masonry was popular around Americas and Asia too, with the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal in India as the hallmarks of their civilizations – structures of stunning and impeccable masonry art.

Development of Masonry

Although reinforced concrete increased its popularity in the nineteenth and twentieth century because of its economic production and the “rise“ of skyscrapers (which required a more stable metal frame for their construction), architects love the work of masonry because of its durability (a lifespan of at least 500 years) and unprecedented beauty.

brick wall - masonry at BSC Custom

Nowadays, the masonry construction has significantly advanced with a series of inventions such as brick-cavity wall, thermal insulation options, steel-reinforced masonry, high-strength mortars, etc. This has inevitably increased the scope of application of masonry to various types of structures.

Art of Masonry and Stonework

Stonework is ideal for both traditional and modern residences. Contemporary design works well with stonework in creating beautiful space with character. Many types of natural stone such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, onyx, and travertine add beauty to gardens, ranches, houses, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

obelisk 2

At BSC Custom we love to design and build, using these natural materials and transforming them into stunning custom-made objects such as walls, monuments, signage, fountains, or any sculptural art. Stonework is ideal to combine with metal, wood, and even glass.

If you have an idea or a draft project that involves stonework, or perhaps metalwork, contact us and see our work for inspiration. Let’s create a work of art that will offer an added value to your property.

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