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When designing or renovating a bar, café or a restaurant, the lighting scheme is planned along with the interior planning (including other design elements) to match the concept and deliver a pleasant impression to anyone who enters the interior.

As architects and designers would agree, lighting itself is one of the key features for creating that ideal atmosphere that makes guests come back again feeling comfortable and relaxed.  Having custom-made lighting fixtures is the step in the right direction.

stick pendant lamp over the sofa

360 Monroe lighting project: stick pendant fixture

Light Creates Mood, Design Gives the Character of the Space

Bars and restaurants aren’t only about food and drinks being served, they are about making people feel relaxed and comfortable in the space. So, often the first question is: what’s the mood you want to create? Certainly, depending on the size of the space, you can create different spots in different corners and parts of the restaurant. This means you can install different types of lighting fixtures that you consider to be best suited for each part.

For example, small wall fixtures above the dining tables for two, and unique suspended fixtures above the café counter. For upscale restaurants, a unique custom chandelier is a way to impress many guests.

custom lighting project, wire pendant lamp

Stoic custom lighting project: wire pendant lamp

Custom made chandeliers made of copper, glass, or a combination of several materials are an elegant choice to make an impressive focal point, whether at the center of a hall or ballroom, or in an upscale restaurant.

Accent lighting as the term suggests creates accents by drawing attention to certain spots. Wall fixtures or suspended lights are also great for a casual café bar.

Venga bar lighting projec

Venga bar lighting project, round pendant lamps

And for a bar with late-night working hours, a lighted bar counter or a lighted column is a suitable option.

Complete Your Lighting Project with Us

At BSC Custom, we have vast experience in producing custom-made fixtures in collaboration with designers and architects in our production facilities. We treat every fixture as a work of art and strive to create the exact idea you imagined for your lighting project.

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