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If you have a unique project and need the professional assistance to build it, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we are passionate about, and that’s where we excel! BSC Custom’s specialty fabrication team is a tremendous resource for anyone facing the challenge of building custom architectural elements.

Why Choose BSC Custom for Specialty Fabrication?

BSC Custom is a full-service company, providing our customers part to full specialty fabrication (also large industrial art pieces), custom-made lighting, signage, and custom-made architectural elements and retrofits.

Our facilities and the team are educated and technically equipped to bring to life concepts brought up by developers, architects, or designers. We appreciate the collaboration with them, as well as with engineers and landscape architects.

Latinicity 23, BSC custom lighting,

Lighting project by BSC Custom: white restaurant pendant lamps in Latinicity, Chicago

The Things We Make

Often, people ask us, “What can be made with specialty fabrication?” Well, almost anything that you can see around you can be fabricated, remodeled, or restored. To give you a more specific idea, here are some of the elements we have already made and are ready (but not limited to) to do:

Venga bar lighting project, pendant lamps 3

Specialty Fabrication Requires A Skilled Team

Creative design applied to our everyday surroundings has the ability to transform ordinary architectural components into aesthetically pleasing signature elements. BSC Custom is all about transforming your ideas into reality.

specialty fabrication, custom elements, signage bscsigns

We have the experience and technical expertise to overcome challenges and get the job done right – our satisfied customers and our work so far are proof of that.

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