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The owners of The Gables were looking for a signature piece for the lobby of their new residential building in Denver. This unique chandelier is the focal point of the entrance area, and the elegant design is a truly beautiful example of the potential of custom lighting.

BSC Custom worked with their designer to create this spectacular modern chandelier. It’s a distinctive addition to this new building, and an impressive piece of functional art. We’re sure it inspires many conversations and comments in the building lobby!

Chandeliers have a rich history. The word chandelier itself comes from the French wordchandelle, which means candle. Chandeliers were created out of necessity — they allowed many candles to be used at once so a large dining or meeting room could be illuminated.

We are of course long past the era of candles. Today a single bright lamp can provide the equivalent brightness of hundreds of candles. But the elegance and beauty of chandeliers ensures their continuing popularity in interior design. They’re often seen in the grand ballrooms and lobbies of luxury hotels and resorts. This chandelier is a modern twist on the traditional design.

Chandelier in lobby of The Gables Cherry Creek

Building Location and Project Goals

Gables Residential, the building owners, have properties across the United States including 30,000 apartments and 600,000 square feet of retail space.

The Gables Cherry Creek is an upscale apartment building located at 360 South Monroe in Denver. This rental development was completed in 2015 and offers a wide variety of floor plans, ranging from 1 BR up to large 3 BR units with 1800 square feet of space.

For this project, they had plans to include a large chandelier in the entrance area, to serve as a focal point for the lobby. Denver architecture and interior design firm Semple Brown Design designed the chandelier, and BSC Custom was contracted to provide the technical design, fabrication, and installation. We worked closely with Semple Brown Design and the building owners.

This project is an excellent example of how BSC Custom can offer design firms a convenient one-shop solution for technical design and fabrication. Our team was able to take the design concept and provide everything in-house — from advice on constructability, to 3D renderings, shop drawings, fabrication, and installation. BSC Custom is also UL Listed, which was essential for this project.

Chandelier in lobby

Design and Fabrication

As you can see from the photos, this was a very challenging piece to build! Dustin Monroe at BSC Custom provided the technical design and shop drawings. Despite the complexity of the chandelier, we were able to bypass any mockups or models, and used 3D renderings to share the development of the technical design with our client. Using a 3D PDF viewer, it’s possible to rotate the view on a computer screen and see the design from any angle.

One very important aspect of this project was the need for UL certification. BSC Custom is a UL Listed facility, and we built this light fixture to UL 1598 specifications for Luminaires.

Chandelier in lobby of The Gables

In this close up photo you can see the elements that make up the overall design. It was constructed from aluminum, and the pieces were precision cut on our CNC router. The interior of the aluminum elements are hollow, to save weight and to allow for wiring. A balance was struck between structural strength and the delicate look of the design. The individual tendril units were welded together, which provided excellent strength and a low profile look.  The overall height of the chandelier is about nine feet.

The light tubes are made from acrylic, and dimmable LEDs provide the light source. The tubes were custom manufactured by BSC Custom, and a sandblasting treatment was used to add a soft quality to the light.

Close-up of chandelier

Installation and Additional Photos

The transportation and installation of the chandelier took great care and planning! It was built as one large fixture, rather than individual elements that were assembled on site. A scissor lift was used to raise the chandelier into position where it was securely attached and the electrical connections made.

You can see additional photos of the chandelier in the Portfolio section of our website.


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