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Etched Glass for Commercial Projects

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to fabricate etched glass is by using the sandblasting technique. This method uses abrasive particles to create microscopic chips on the glass surface. The result is a top-quality and beautiful homogenous finish, and its design and application possibilities are almost unlimited.

Etched Glass Signage

Etched glass signs merge in a unique way with almost every type of interior décor and finish. Various interior design styles can benefit from this material because of its clean polished finish. Also, it’s semi-transparency allows for a perfect fit with any color lettering and blending well with any background color. Therefore, many business owners opt for etched glass signs to communicate a company’s brand in an elegant and/or creative way.

quality etched glass signage

You can use this amazing material as custom sliders, creative glass portals, in glass doors, room dividers, shower screens, windows, and of course to create beautiful signs. Etching is a perfect way to enhance the look of flat glass surfaces and subsequently transform the look of the entire environment. Whether in a room or a big space, etched glass signs will help you build your brand.

Give Identity to Your Business with Etched Glass Products

Whether it is a classy business signage or a creative expression for your business law office lobby or a restaurant sign, etched glass can be used as an unmatchable type of signage contributing to your space by giving it its own identity. Display corporate branding, logo, hours of operation in a distinctive way, or welcome guests to your food business with an incredible etched glass portal.

Can’t decide what is best for your business? Here are the etched glass options offered by BSC Signs.

  • ADA Compliant Glass Signs. These signs require raised letters and braille symbols on the signage in government and commercial buildings. See more about the standards here.
  • Sandblasted Glass signs for commercial signage and use.
  • Sandblasted Glass for donor wall recognition.

Call the BSC Sign experts at 303-464-0644 to get your custom glass etched sign in Colorado. Ask for illumination options.

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