“We can build anything. Give us a challenging job and we’ll deliver an awesome product.”

That’s the attitude of the production team at BSC Custom, and it’s what keeps our customers coming back.

At the core of our business is a team of talented industrial designers, fabricators, painters, installers, and project managers. They work together on a common goal—creating custom lighting fixtures, architectural elements, and commercial signage of outstanding quality and exceptional design.

We love to design and build. It’s in our DNA. There’s something so rewarding about taking the basic elements we work with—sheet metal, aluminium, copper, glass, wood, acrylic, masonry— and transforming them into beautiful and functional objects for our customers. That’s what custom design and fabrication is all about!

We also like to see the visual impact our completed designs have in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, and public spaces, especially when we’ve been able to help a customer take a raw design idea and turn it into a finished product—one that really makes a difference in their business. That sense of purpose drives us to be the very best designers and fabricators in the industry.

Being at the forefront of the architectural and lighting industry gives us the edge that makes our work exceptional. We are highly focused on confidently and creatively working on your projects in all stages of production.

Custom Lighting

Unique & Innovative Custom Lighting Fixtures

Specialty Fabrication

Transform a Space with Specialty Fabrication

Commercial Signage

Make an Impression with Custom Signage

Glass Signs

Elegant & Functional Sandblasted Glass Signs

Communication and Building on your Creative Vision

Good communication is at the heart of a successful project. We work closely with Architects and design professionals, developers and construction management specialists. We understand the industry and what it takes to create successful projects.

The first phase of the production process is to immerse ourselves in your vision. We want to know the project history and details, and also the design aesthetics you want brought to the table. We’ll sit down and listen, and we won’t impose our design ideas on your project! We’re there to ask questions, understand the design goals, and offer our assistance in any capacity you require. Having an open line of communication is key when working with you through all phases of the project.

We understand that each project is unique and requires careful evaluation of client needs.

We can offer a tremendous wealth of design ideas and practical advice, all based on our experience in the custom fabrication industry.

Some customers may need our technical expertise on just a small part of a large project, while others may ask us to design, fabricate, and install an entire project. We’re flexible and can handle any job, large or small.

We will discuss what obstacles—technical or other—may potentially be in the way of successfully completing your project, and we’ll work to help you remove them.

We help companies that are at the very beginning of projects, as well as customers who have a specific technical problem they need help with. Whatever stage you are at, when it comes to project development don’t hesitate to reach out.

Production Capabilities

  • Latest 2D and 3D CAD software tools
  • 2 CNC Router tables
  • Sheet metal brake and a full line of metalworking equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • CNC automated Channel Letter machine
  • Sandblasted glass workshop
  • Vinyl lettering workshop
  • 2 paint booths
  • Easy access with large loading bays and wide roll-up doors
  • Bucket and crane trucks for installation
  • Wide format digital printer
  • UL Listed
  • and much more!

Our Technical Capabilities

BSC Custom has an extremely well equipped and up to date production facility. Our 21,500 square feet of shop space can accommodate any project, and we have a skilled production team with a wide range of design and fabrication experience.

We also work with a number of very specialized contractors who assist on projects when needed—giving us expanded capabilities. If you have a challenging fabrication job in your project, we’re confident that we can help you find a solution.

Project Management

In the movie industry, behind every successful director is a highly organized producer. They put the right people in place, make sure the creative team has everything they need, and ensure that the project sticks to its timeline and budget.

In our industry, project managers perform a similar role, assisting the creatives in keeping projects on track. They work with the client and the design team to keep projects solidly grounded in reality by asking hard questions. As in any creative enterprise, there’s a need to balance the creative with the practical. After all, a successful project is measured not only by its creative impact, but by its management—was it delivered on time and on budget?

In the early stages project managers make sure that free flowing conversations about design possibilities are tempered with the realities of budgets and constructability. And as the project continues, they keep a close eye on the critical path and keep in close contact with the client. We always remain accessible so that you are reassured that your project is progressing as planned.

Getting started

Are you ready to get started? We’d be happy to discuss your project ideas and answer any questions you may have.

Even if you are just considering starting a new project, we can suggest ideas that you may not have considered, as we draw on our experience from hundreds of previous projects.

For a competitive quote or to speak to one of our project managers, please give us a call or send us an email. And if you’re in the area, we’d be happy to give you a tour of our production facility and discuss your project ideas in person.