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Signage is one of those inevitable investments for your business or organization, and like many other elements, it needs to be planned ahead and well incorporated into the environment.

It is not ”just” signage. Yes, its primary purpose is to be functional, however, it better stand out for obvious reasons. Very often, when planning all the organization and facilities, signage is forgotten or left last and adjusted afterward.

 Common Mistakes About Outdoor Signage

Before you start on planning or completing your signage, the following tips might prove very useful to avoid some common outdoor signage mistakes even business owners make. Apart from the usual design-wise principles (such as easily-readable font type and size, reasonable contrast, and so on), here we’ll cover some practical aspects regarding outdoor signage potential flops.

Lincoln Commons Outdoor signage

Inconvenient Location

This is the starting point when planning the signage. Even in the case when the architect presents you the whole project for the new facilities, be sure to check on-site about any potential visual obstacles that may prevent a clear view of your sign. For example, is there a tree near the entrance that might cover part of the signage? Is there a bridge, or a large billboard that can interfere with the view from the road? No matter the quality of your sign, if it is not fully visible, it has no point.

Neglecting Your Sign

While it holds true that signage is not a continuous investment, a sign made ten years ago may not fully serve its purpose anymore. A neglected, damaged, or faded sign signals something to the customers – and not in a good way. Scraped letters? Replace them with new ones. Updating your signage from time to time – whether it includes a refreshed logo, new font or light, or simply having the same signage replaced for a new polished one – is essential to maintaining the proper image of your business or organization.

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Omitting Lighting

Signage sits day and night. Maybe your business doesn’t operate in the evening or night hours, but that doesn’t mean that your company should be invisible to the passersby once the daylight is gone. Think of it as a free-standing ad. LED Signage is a good way to go for its energy-efficient qualities and durability.

Choosing Questionable Manufacturers

We agree, costs matter. So does experience, professional ethics, and collaboration. To ensure that your sign is produced in a perfect manner that will last, consider a manufacturer that has a solid portfolio and expertise in custom signage. Otherwise, a poorly executed sign from a questionable producer may be at the expense of your business image and your time and money.

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