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Making custom-designed pieces is one of the most exciting creative work that we love to do. Our team of designers, technicians, and product-managers at BSC Custom have collaborated with a variety of clients including contractors, engineers, and architects to make their artistic ideas and projects see the light of the day.

Business owners too, value the artistic design that sets them apart from the competition.

Custom pieces that stand out

Flow Project custom made architectural elementsOne of the best things about specialty fabrication of art or sculptural pieces is the possibility of combining different materials and textures. Also, they can become multifunctional or illuminated elements for commercial or public places.

An outdoor monumental element made of aluminum, copper, glass or sheet metal, an obelisk that can be illuminated, a sculpture in the hallway that turns visitors’ heads, a sculptural signage that speaks a lot about your brand, or simply an art installation – all of these and other elements can be fabricated in our production facilities. With the guidance of our experienced staff and managers that oversee the design and production processes, we can help you create a beautiful landmark for your business or facility.

When an artist or designer has an idea or a ready-to-make developed concept, the production of it is as equally important as the concept itself. And because a fine design is very much in the details, from its assembling to the final coating, we have our clients’ trust that everything in the process will be carefully crafted and delivered.

Town of Eagle, Broadway sign with a metal Eagle on topExperts in Specialty Fabrication and Custom Art Pieces

We find it very rewarding for us, to take the basic elements we work with — sheet metal, aluminum, copper, wood, acrylic, glass, masonry— and transform them into beautiful and functional objects. That’s what custom design and fabrication is all about! We don’t underestimate the cost factor – our experience and knowledge have our clients providing them with cost-effective options and solutions. Check our work and contact us for your next project!

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