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At BSC Custom, we fully understand the desire of architects, designers, and even developers to create unique design projects. Often, one of their challenges is to find specific elements that would perfectly fit their concept in execution. Whether functional, structural or purely for aesthetic purposes, specialty fabrication is one of the crucial processes that allows for such custom elements to be fabricated and fit into the design project.

glass pendant lamps in lobby

Commercial lighting project – glass pendant lamps in the lobby

Specialty Fabrication for Commercial Interiors

Commercial interiors immensely vary in their size and purpose, so there’s an increased demand for diverse elements to fit every need.

Structural elements such as columns and beams that are manufactured by through specialty fabrication are, in the long run, more cost-effective than retrofits afterward.

As for functional, non-structural elements, there are many options available to make your commercial space stand out. Whether it is a sign made from etched glass, iron, steel, and lighted or non-lighted monument signs, the possibilities of combining materials and usage are huge.

custom lighting for commercial spaces

Custom lighting project for cafe and restaurants

For stores, window displays can stand out with custom-made platforms, or other designed elements such as art installations. We have done many custom lighting fixtures for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and malls that give identity and uniqueness to space.

Artistic sculptural pieces or industrial art installation may also find their place in both indoor and outdoor commercial spaces, as a welcoming piece in the entrance hall or outside.

Hotel desk receptions, counter bars, railings and other objects can be custom-made at our facilities using different materials, from steel, aluminum, glass, wood, etc.

Specialty Fabrication for Residential Interiors

Residential interiors are also a favorite challenge for architects, designers, and for our creative design team at BSC Custom. Beautiful custom lighting fixtures, staircases and railings, and decorative columns are only a few that can be made to exactly match the interior style. From ornate chandeliers to minimalistic wall-mounted fixtures, custom lighting can be really versatile and to your exact liking.

BSC Custom Specialists For Custom-Made Elements

Specialty fabrication has the power to truly transform one place into a space with higher value and experience. Besides our capabilities, our advantage also lies in the thorough understanding of the fabrication process.

specialty fabrication shop in Denver

We are eager to start and finish our next project with you, so should you have an idea or concept to develop or execute, contact us right away to get started!

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