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Custom made elements, both architectural (structural) and decorative, are key components in creating a unique space with its own identity. The advantages of specially fabricated components are known to many architects, engineers, and designers. A custom-tailored element is made to fit the specific space in terms of size, form, and concept.

Custom Made Elements to Fit Your Needs

When creating a new project or design, some elements can not be negotiated for the original design. This is where the custom fabrication process comes in. Engineers and architects alone cannot create the specifically desired element. A collaboration between the designer and the producer (manufacturer) is crucial for a well-manufactured product. A skilled and experienced manufacturer can, for example, provide valuable input/insight for the best material for a particular fabricated element or suggest the most effective way for the construction of the same.

Structural, Functional, Decorative

Custom Made Elements

Leaf canopy sculpture for the Littleton Village project: execution in the BSC Custom facilities

Almost any element that is part of the interior or exterior can be subject for specialty fabrication. Structural elements such as columns can be manufactured specially to fit into specific concepts. These are better and less complicated than the eventual retrofits after.

Functional elements such as designed benches, reception desks, custom lighting, or signage can be the key components for the overall uniqueness of the space. Their design can be based on one unifying concept to create synergy and a coherent design appeal. 

Decorative elements, or artistic elements, are generally purely for the aesthetic or artistic appeal. They may be sculptural (indoor or outdoor), like the leaf canopy sculpture in the photos above, but can also be integrated with a custom-lighting component for multi-purpose use.  

Of course, the options are infinite in terms of combining the materials, design details, and usage. Our skilled team is always excited to help you produce unique pieces that will give a memorable identity to your space. 


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