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Yes, lighting will never be the “light“ theme for designers. That’s because the subject of lighting encompasses within itself several factors crucial for any space: functionality, mood (ambiance), originality, and aesthetics. We know that people are quite sensitive to their surroundings and how custom lighting can create the perfect atmosphere.

The Power of Light Design

The starting point is: What’s the mood you want to create? Depending on the size of the space you can create several moods in different corners and parts of a room. That means using different types of fixtures that will blend well with the rest of the interior or exterior. Complete the total design with beautiful wall-mount fixtures and a statement pendant lamp, and you get that wow factor that visitors appreciate.

360 Monroe Lighting Project: suspended custom light

Monroe Lighting project, stick pendant lamp made by BSC Custom

Amazing and Unique Lighting Fixtures For Any Space

Custom made chandeliers made of copper or glass provide a sophisticated elegant feel to the room, and also make for an impressing focal point in the room. Wood and aluminum can also be used for the creation of pendants, wall sconces, or floor lamps.

Accent lighting, as the term suggests, creates accents or rhythms by drawing attention to certain spots. Wall fixtures or suspended lights are also great for hallways, restaurants or a nice coffee spot.

Palazzo lighting project, glass pendant lamps in the lobby

Palazzo lighting project, glass pendant lamps in the lobby

Apart from providing light and style, custom lighting can also become the perfect product result of a sculptural work of art and lighting, such as illuminated columns or art installations.

Have your Beautiful Light Fixtures Made by BSC Custom

Our team is proud of the portfolio which includes a variety of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces, public and private, small and large-scale pieces, across the USA. We are eager to help you bring the idea into a nicely-crafted product that will stand out. See our facilities and feel free to contact us with any question you have.



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