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While the term “commercial space“ includes a large variety of retail types, here are some general guidelines to consider before installing the lighting in a store:

Determine the purpose

Depending on the type of the store, you may go for general lighting with no accents, or play with light accents and highlight some parts or products. Typically, large technical product stores, grocery stores, or pharmacies call for more even lighting where visibility is important. An unobtrusive, clear light is often the best option for those types of commercial spaces, although design elements inside can give it some visual edge.

If the store sells goods that should be highlighted – such as fashion apparel, homeware, beauty items, and so on, then creating accents through light spots is almost inevitable. This is where the art of custom lighting comes in.


Accents are vital

Spotlights are a common way to highlight a product. Often, products that have a particular value or uniqueness or that are on promotion and need to be emphasized.

To create some light accents, you need to be sure where the items that would be highlighted stand. This is important to know before any lighting (re)installation can occur. Is it one central highlight, a particular wall, or a freestanding rack? Think about how you want the highlights to appear and make sure they match your brand guidelines and values.

Custom lighting fixtures are ideal for creating focus and directing the customers towards that particular product or spot.

But so is balance

Too many highlights and accents can have a counter-effect – it can either confuse the clients or leave them overwhelmed. At this point, it’s good to be reminded again of the above: what is the purpose, what do you want to achieve? If eclectic is the leading attribute to the brand(s) the store represents, then multiple highlight spots with unique custom elements may go well.

In other cases, one striking element such as a custom-made chandelier is enough to create a point of focus and even give identity to the space.

In any case, it is recommended to consult with a professional interior and lighting designer or a specialized company to avoid any costly mistakes.

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