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Custom-made elements can be applied in any architectural or design work. Architects and designers love the idea of custom-made elements because that way, their original design ideas are not compromised for a somewhat generic result.

The value of custom-made elements is lately getting more appreciation than ever after a longer period of the dominant mass production. Before, the term custom-made was often (and mistakenly) associated exclusively with costly investments or luxury items. However, with newer production technologies and a variety of materials greater than ever before, custom-made elements can fit various budgets and project ranges.

Flow 2

Flow project: custom architectural elements

Scope of Application

To what extent are custom-made elements applicable? Well, think of any architectural element, both decorative or functional – stairs and railings, columns, doorframes, lighting fixtures, bar counters, reception desks, environmental elements, sculptural elements, custom signage, fences, room dividers… Outdoor or indoor, private or public, the scope of application is truly vast.

Custom-made elements are often preferred by both developers and architects and designers for several reasons:

  • They add value to the space with their originality
  • They create memorable impressions to visitors
  • The original design idea is complemented with a matching style and not compromised in the final execution
  • Often, they are more cost-effective than retrofits for some structural elements

From a single sculptural piece for a living room to a large-scale project such as structural beams or columns, our team at BSC Custom has the skill, the will, and the knowledge to lead the project from drawing to elegant execution.

rail swings, custom specialty fabrication

Custom-made rail swings with blue cords

Choice of Materials

Depending on the use and purpose of the elements, some materials are more preferred over others. We are here to offer our advice based on our knowledge and experience. Etched glass, copper, steel, bronze – they all can be used to create artistic central pieces or fine details.

Often, there is more than one option for a certain product. Etched glass, for example, can be used in monumental signage to create a light-signage sculpture. It also depends heavily on the whole project in general – materials used for the custom-made element need to be in sync with the rest of the designed space.

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