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The advantages of custom-made elements have been recognized and appreciated for a long time by designers, developers, and architects. The use of them is very versatile – they can be implemented in any interior or exterior architectural project. Another key advantage with custom-made elements produced by BSC Custom is that the original design ideas and concepts are not compromised in the end for a generic mass-produced piece.

These custom-made elements add value to space with their uniqueness and are usually more cost-effective than retrofits.

Specialty fabrication for commercial spaces

Latinicity: custom lighting project

Use of Custom-Made Elements in Architectural Projects

Just think of any indoor or outdoor project, any public or private building, and think of the architectural element that comprised them. Surely, the scope of application is immense. Whether for functional or only decorative purposes, many interior and exterior elements are brought to light thanks to the process of specialty fabrication.

For indoor spaces, we can produce door frames, room dividers, stairs and railings, reception desks and bar counters for hotels and commercial spaces, lighted columns, sculptural pieces, etc.

Regarding outdoor spaces, we have constructed many outdoor elements for private and public spaces, from urban equipment for squares, to artificial greenery, fences, rockwork… to large-scale sculptural pieces and signs.

Littleton Village leaf canopy sculpture

Littleton Village leaf canopy sculpture

A special branch that we have seriously developed over the years is custom lighting. We have created many beautiful and unique lighting fixtures: suspended, wall-mounted, free-standing, as well as lighted columns.

Creating with Professionals

Rail Swings with blue metal handles

The advantage of collaborating with BSC Custom is that we thoroughly know the design and fabrication process. Through our cooperation with architects and structural engineers, we have been providing advice and solutions about the production method and about the use of materials. We work with a variety of materials, etched glass, copper, steel, bronze, etc.  They all can be used to create artistic central pieces or fine details.

From a single sculptural piece as an art installation to a large-scale project such as structural beams or columns, our team at BSC Custom has the skill, the will, and the knowledge to lead the project from a drawing to a bespoke manufacturing.

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