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There’s no second chance for a first impression, they say. Business premises are more often than not the display of the owners’ approach and the work style in their business.

The Value of Custom-Made Pieces for Your business

Well, for a start, it brings attention, and attention (in a good way) is a smart marketing tool itself. How often do you read articles about some well-designed office or reception desk, or you see it posted by users on Instagram, or how often do people tell about a unique piece of an element that creates the focal point in the café they are visiting (instead of how good their coffee is)?

Venga bar lighting project

Venga bar custom lighting project: The suspended lighting fixtures fit perfectly with the overall interior

The other advantage of custom made elements is that they also set your business apart! Needless to say about being unique, it brings its own identity to the place and also gives clients and visitors a memorable experience and a chance to enjoy their time better.

One of the best ways to make your premises stand out is certainly going for the visual and original, creating a unique piece that will perfectly fit your original design and stand out at the same time.

Elements to be Seen and Admired

The good news is, with BSC Custom, almost any element can be designed and fabricated to its finest details!

Denver Hospice shade and artificial trees

Denver Hospice shade and artificial trees

For hotels, restaurants, shops, or bars, it can be a striking reception desk, a fabulous bar counter, and all types of lighting fixtures or a custom designed art installation piece.

Not just indoor spaces, but outdoor areas can also be subject to custom-made pieces and installations. From many forms of rock work, sitting areas, lighting fixtures, and even artificial greenery, these all elements contribute to a greater ambient mood and functionality.

Stoic custom lighting project

Stoic custom lighting project

Quality. Details. BSC Custom.

There’s no second chance for a first impression! Having this in mind, our professionals at BSC Custom are passionately dedicated to the manufacturing process from the beginning until assembling all the details ready for placement. We are waiting for your inquiry to start your new exciting project!

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