Need a company that can bring your creative vision to life?

At BSC Custom, we specialize in creating beautiful custom light fixtures and architectural elements. Even if you’re wrestling with a tight budget, we can help you get your project completed within it.

We can work alongside you to provide 3D models of the final product, sample fixtures, and value engineer the final product to fit within your client’s budget.

Our 21,500 square foot facility in Broomfield houses an impressive array of custom fabrication equipment—and a production team that has the experience and know-how to build almost anything you can imagine. Have a bold idea for your next project? Our creative industrial designers and fabricators are up to the challenge.

BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting

At BSC Custom we make it our mission to work well with Architects, Landscape Architects, and other design professionals. That’s why we carefully listen to your ideas and work with you to create a project that fulfills your design vision and your project requirements.