Looking for a company that can handle all your custom fabrication needs?

Do you need something to make your property stand out? Maybe you only have a general idea of what you want your finished property to look like and need creative ideas?

BSC Custom is a full-service fabrication company offering our customers and the partners we work with everything from conceptual design to installation. Whether you have full architectural plans for your new location or you’re renovating an existing property, we can jump in and help make the process simpler—we can even help you specify standard fixtures.

At BSC Custom, we create custom light fixtures and architectural elements, including sculptures, illuminated elements, awnings, benches, and railings. We are located in the same facility as BSC Signs, which means we can deliver any kind of sign required for your development.

BSC Custom brings your designs to life

Our designers are passionate about transforming your ideas into beautiful and brilliant designs. Applying advanced design and fabrication skills, our production team achieves inspired results. Take a look through our portfolio for ideas and examples of our handcrafted designs.