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Being in charge of designing new concepts for unique lighting fixtures is more of an art than it is a science, but the design is extremely crucial for your space. It has the ability to make or break the aesthetic beauty of your area, and you want to make sure that your property looks its best. The only problem is that inexperienced designers and customers don’t understand what it takes to make a phenomenal and jaw-dropping lighting design. Many people think the central factor in this recipe is the type of lighting used and its specifications. However, focusing in on a single piece, like luminosity, lux levels, or the desire for a certain technology (take LEDs) won’t result in a good design, and may only limit the possibilities. But, what does constitute a good design?


Too many people with a need for a lighting design make the mistake of thinking they know how to get the best looking and most modern design with LEDs. However, this does little to help your designer create a solution that will fill your needs. Just saying that you want LEDs is akin to asking a realtor to find you the “best” house. People have different perceptions of what constitutes a perfect home, so your realtor wouldn’t have any idea how to help you! Likewise, being enamored with LEDs and telling your designer the following would be a huge mistake: “An LED lighting fixture would be great for my business. So, let’s get cracking!”

This mindset, when working with a professional designer, does nothing to guarantee a finished product that is going to meet your needs and wow visitors and customers. Instead, you need to communicate requirements about your needs for lighting quality and what your property will be used for. Only then can your designer help educate you and suggest different forms of lighting that would be a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish.

Now you can select the lighting technology that you deem best for your space. Having this conversation helps your designer understand what you need, what you are trying to accomplish, and it helps them build something that will make your property unique. Just remember that the latest and greatest lighting technology isn’t necessarily the best fit for your building, your space, or your desired mood. The lighting design comes first; the lighting technology and the lamps are only tools to augment the design and support the design concept.

Furthermore, there are other considerations that need to be taken into account such as short term and long term expenses. Most people are unaware that LEDs have significantly higher upfront cost that other forms of lighting. They are a long term investment because they use very small amounts of power, but it could take a while to reach the break-even point with LEDs. There are many types of lighting to choose from and a qualified design expert will be able to help you find the lighting type that compliments a unique and attractive design while maintaining affordability. Think further than LEDs. There are a lot of options to make your building look spectacular, so be sure to keep an open mind!

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