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BSC Custom specializes in multiple forms of specialty fabrication, and one of them is architectural etched glass. Architectural glass is often used as a building material, both on the outside and the inside of the construction, like partition walls, screen dividers, details, and so on.

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Architectural Etched Glass Tower

Etched glass, on the other hand, is used for its attractive visual appeal. It is elegant, firm, and timeless, style-wise.

Use of Etched Glass

The application of architectural and etched glass is mainly for functional purposes but is one of the favorite materials for many architects because of its highly aesthetic properties.

BSC Custom specializes in three types of etched glass:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant glass signs, which require raised letters and braille symbols on the signage in government and commercial buildings. See more about the standards here.
  • Sandblasted Glass signs for commercial signage and use.
  • Sandblasted Glass for donor wall recognition.

Elegant Signage

Every detail matters. At least that’s what we believe when it comes to design, fabrication, and signage; an essential element in every commercial space.

Signage can be tricky because several factors need to be included in a successful concept: it should be easy to read, it should be easy to spot, and not obtrusive or dominating the space.

Signage made of etched glass can be well incorporated into various interior design styles because of its clean polished finish. Also, it’s semi-transparency allows for a perfect fit with any color lettering and blending well with any background color.

etched glass sign manufacturers in DenverOne of the many advantages of sandblasted glass signage is that it can also be an illuminated sign.

Donor Walls

Also known as recognition walls, donor walls should be viewed as a good investment that shows your appreciation of the organization’s associates, friends, and supporters; and not as an expense. Because of its sophisticated look and the possibility of illumination, glass is often the chosen material for donor walls. BSC Custom can create unique etched glass donor walls with a computer controlled glass sandblasting equipment.

Contact us! We also ship glass signs across the U.S., Canada, and even other countries!

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