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Who doesn’t admire a greatly lit garden in the evening?

Custom lighting involves not only indoor but also outdoor lighting. Sometimes, people give even more attention to the outdoor lighting because it gives the very first impression, like before they enter the indoor space.

With spring coming and the temperatures rising, people are spending more time outside, very often in their yards. Extending the stay requires good lighting, and here comes the chance to make a unique outdoor space with custom lighting.

Functional and Accent Lighting

For outdoor lighting, it is vital to be functional for obvious reasons, but the charm lies in the accent lighting. For maximum effect, you need to place the lighting fixtures strategically.

Marriott Renaissance exterior lamps

Exterior lamps for Marriott Renaissance lighting project

The entrance and the pathway should be well-lit, and here you can put custom-made lanterns or wall lanterns. Our BSC Custom team is dedicated to making the perfect custom lighting fixtures from functional to accent and decorative lighting.

Recessed lighting is a great idea for porches, and so are side lights around the house entrance.

Besides the entrance and the pathways, functional lighting should be considered around the house outside that are in deep shadow during dusk and night time.

Spotlights around patios or certain plants that you want to illuminate create a very pleasant or romantic scenery.

Marriott Renaissance 5

Custom outdoor lighting – glass lamps for Marriott Renaissance project

Get An Experienced Professional

True, it is an investment well-made if planned carefully and given to a professional to do it. With BSC Custom, you don’t get just lighting;  you get unique, made-for-you fixtures to transform your outdoor space into a work of art.

Don’t forget you can converge art with lighting or sculpture with lighting. For example, a light totem may well be the highlight of the garden, or custom lighting for a small fountain or custom cascade waterwall may become the garden of your dreams. We are eager to help you with that!

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