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The use of multipurpose-elements is not a novel thing in the world of industrial design, but it is steadily growing. For commercial and public interiors, as well as for outdoor spaces, illuminated custom elements are essential both for functional and decorative purposes.

Custom Designed Elements With Illumination

From a single sculptural or art piece for a hotel’s welcoming hallway to a large-scale project such as beams or columns, proper illumination can be integrated into most elements for added visibility or aesthetic focus.

Illuminated Architectural Elements

Architectural elements such as columns, beams, and dividers can be illuminated. We have worked on such elements in compliance with the technical and design requirements of the site. Illuminated columns with LED lighting, for instance, are often placed in larger stores. They can be made custom to exact height and width, or they can be double-shelled (for example etched glass) to cover the existing column if needed.

Lighting project, tall wall lamp in the hallway

Besides architectural, design elements in interiors can be combined with light sources. Light pods with backlit lighting, illuminated counters, or smaller columns of light are a popular way to display products and highlights.

Illuminated Artwork

Monuments and artwork are also part of our portfolio. For outdoor spaces, illuminated obelisks or sculptures draw particular attention. We can create and install large-scale art pieces with integrated illumination, totems, sculptures, and other art installations.

Illuminated Signage

Signage and 3D signage are becoming as creative as ever. Marketing research shows that with illuminated signage sales can go up to 30 percent more. From individual illuminated letters to backlit signs, we produce different types of signage that match your specifications.

custom lighting for commercial and retial

We take pride in delivering lighting projects for our customers

Have something special in mind, or need help with a unique design? At BSC Custom, our team of industrial designers and fabricators enjoy a challenge! Contact us, we take on projects both large and small, from creating a single fixture to designing a full range of lighting for a new development.


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