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About 20% of the electric energy consumed in commercial buildings comes from lighting, so it is paramount to pay attention to both the quantity and quality of the light being used to address your energy consumption issues.

Achieving Quality of Life through Quality Lighting

quality of lighting impacts energy efficiencyAccording to the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), the style, placement, and quality of light can directly or indirectly affect up to 20 different factors for humans, energy efficiency, and even the architecture of a building. When adequate lighting quality is achieved, there’s an optimum balance between those three elements (human needs, architectural considerations, and energy usage).

Good lighting improves physical factors such as visibility, safety, and the ability to accurately distinguish between colors and details. However, it can also improve mood, atmosphere, and social interactions, which are vital elements for a healthy working environment.

Make Sure Your Building Lighting Standards Are Met

In the United States, the IES DG18-08, Light + Design: A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings provides a standard for defining elements of lighting quality. In general, the codes and standards related to light should take these items into account:

  • The amount of light provided for different types of tasks and spaces, as well as the age of the occupants
  • How the light is delivered so that visibility is enhanced and discomfort is minimized
  • The colors used and whether or not they are appropriate for the proposed use
  • The way that glare, flicker, disturbing shadows, and other aspects of light are addressed in the space

custom lighting to improve energy efficiencyCall the Experts for a Creative and Professional Lighting Solution

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