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It is no secret that we at BSC Custom treat every custom fabricated piece as a work of art. Whether functional or purely for aesthetic purposes, our portfolio is made up of different types of custom-made elements.  Sometimes, however, we are asked to produce and place an actual art piece or installation that will stand out in its surroundings.

Installations And Industrial Art Pieces Made to Stand Out

Flow Project custom made architectural elements

”Flow” Project: custom architectural elements

When an artist or designer has an idea or a ready-to-make concept, the execution of that is equally as important as the concept itself. Our professional staff at BSC Custom understands the process of making a unique piece, assembling the materials and parts and delivering it as a final product.

Whether for outdoor or indoor space, an art installation draws focus and a dash of uniqueness to the environment.

Purely Artistic or Multifunctional

With specialty fabrication and custom-making elements, there are countless things that can be done, from totems, lighted totems, sculptural pieces, 3D signage, and lighting fixtures, to rock work, artificial greenery, various architectural elements, urban equipment, and retrofits.

One project that we are especially proud of lately is the giant Leaf Sculpture in Littleton Village. Each of this beautiful sculpture is made up of three leaves and is a great example of a project as the result of a close collaboration with the landscape architect, engineers, and the developers.

Closeup of leaf canopy sculpture

Leaf Canopy Project: Closeup of leaf canopy sculpture upon installation

Collaboration and Expertise are Key to Great Artistic Pieces and Installations

Our wide-range of expertise and gives us the ability to work with various shapes and materials. In our facilities, our team is ready to bring designed elements to life from steel, copper, other metalwork, glass, wood, and much more. Mutual collaboration with developers, clients, and designers have brought wonderful results for both sides.

We are constantly updating our portfolio with exciting projects, so if your idea for an art installation or an art piece needs a way to be executed, feel free to contact us and further discuss the details.

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