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LED Lighting – a popular and efficient illumination

LED lighting has grown in popularity due to its energy-efficient work and the ability to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas in various ways and effects. However, they are not the only light source on the market – halogens, incandescent, neon light, and recently solar-powered light – all of them hold a share in the lighting industry.

The advantages of LED lights

custom lighting for commercial and retialAlthough on the pricey side, LED lighting is a top energy-efficient solution and the payoff can come as soon as few months of use. For comparison, LED bulbs use 90 percent less power than incandescent bulbs, while halogens use only 20-30 percent less. Another major advantage is that LEDs are ultra long-lasting, with lifespan 10000-50000 hours and more, or even several years, depending on the type and how you use them. (LEDs and heat do not go well together, as heat can decrease the lifespan and affect the quality of their color).
Also, as a plus, when you flick the light switch, LEDs emit their light instantly so you don’t have to put up with dim light in the first moments.

The disadvantages

As in any vast or global industry that is increasingly developing with a great number of manufacturers, the quality of the LED products can vary, so sometimes their life span turns out to be shorter than indicated.

Another small shortcoming is that LEDs can not render colors as accurately as the incandescent or halogens. The CRI or Color Rendering Index is a measure of how well a light source accurately reveals various colors. The CR Index of LED is slightly lower than the other two mentioned, and you may not really spot the difference in a hallway or a warehouse, but if you want to display something more accurately with LED illumination, a slight variation of color may be detected.

Technology moving forward

In its early days of development and use in households, the main concern was the blue backlight emitting that could be disturbing in the long run and can disrupt the production of melatonin – the “sleeping hormone”. Many avoided the LED lighting because they consider it to be too cool or unwelcoming. (True, LEDs were first used for technological devices)

expo lighting

But since then, the technology of the LEDs has been greatly developed, offering many options in terms of light temperature (2700 Kelvins) and intensity (with dimmers).  Today LED lighting has a wide scope of applications, from decorative indoor and outdoor illumination (pendants, wall-mounted, focused and directional lighting) to illuminated signage and billboards.

Is LED THE BEST  Lighting?

No lighting solution is 100% perfect and infallible, and LEDs are no different; in certain usage, they will perform better than other forms of lighting. LEDs can save you a lot of money in the long run – if they are used correctly. If you have questions about which type of lighting is best-suited for your property, don’t hesitate to contact BSC Custom. We can help you find the perfect lighting solution for your business or property helping reduce your energy consumption.

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