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Production and fabrication of custom pieces are considered the “crown” of a design or building project. Precisely because of that, developers, architects, and designers are very careful with whom to leave this project phase. Choosing a company that specializes in custom lighting and specialty fabrication is, therefore, a very important decision for a high-quality project execution.

Consider these several factors when making such a choice.


leaf canopy sculpture installation

Leaf canopy sculpture in Littleton by BSC Custom

Not every company that does fabrication has the genuine capability to provide custom designs and individual parts specifically made for your project. Diversity and versatility are good indicators of a company’s capabilities. Check their portfolio to see if each of their finished projects are different and unique, or if they tend to produce just a few types of designs only.

We are proud of the diverse work we have done so far, and are eager to expand it with more exciting projects in future.

Experience in the Industry

For obvious reasons, experience is one sort of assurance that your project is in good hands. A reliable company is proud of its experience and will gladly display their past projects and collaborations they had, as well as their team structure.

When it comes to their industry experience, a reputable company sticks to the industry norms it operates with, guaranteeing their products’ safety, and that they meet the quality standards.

Array of Materials

custom lighting for commercial spaces

Custom lighting project for cafe and restaurants

The amount of various materials a company works with is a significant factor, since the more materials they work with, the better they can respond to your custom project needs with more choices and options for your design.

A company that works seriously with specialty fabrication is able to do projects with different materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, wood, stone, copper, and so on.

Costs and Deadlines

Last but not least for any client, pricing is also a key point to consider. Materials and labor make up the most of the projects costs, and a reliable company will be able to guarantee its quality at a certain cost. Of high importance is the ability to stick to deadlines, as any delays may cost the client more money.

Also, a company such as BSC Custom will offer you a cost-effective solution in the long run, for example –  with the expertise and experience on their side they can offer a better option for a certain material or for the assembling process.

Call BSC Custom for Impeccable Custom Fabrication

We love to design and build. It’s in our DNA. There’s something so rewarding about taking the basic elements we work with—sheet metal, aluminum, copper, glass, wood, acrylic, masonry— and transforming them into beautiful and functional objects for our customers. That’s what custom design and fabrication is all about!

Feel free to contact us if you need a custom-made piece, retrofits, signage, and lighting.

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