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Great room atmosphere is created, in large part, by lighting. It sets the mood and complements the overall design appeal of the space. Besides the position and intensity of the lighting sources, custom lighting fixtures are generating not just the mood – but also creating the unique style of the space!

During their design process architects think of all the surrounding elements and details to complete the design, and very often they have a general – or even specific – idea of what the lighting fixtures should look like. Sometimes, they are in the same manner as the overall room design, and sometimes, they differ a lot with their style to create an eclectic vibe.

BSC custom lighting,

Lighting project by BSC Custom: white restaurant pendant lamps in Latinicity, Chicago

Custom Lighting Fixtures That Stand Out

There are a number of reasons to go for custom lighting. Very often, it is difficult to find the perfect match of fixtures for a specific interior or exterior design. Sometimes, one simply wants to have a unique custom light fixtures that will add to the aesthetic value of the overall design and space. Also, custom lighting can become a perfect product of sculptural work of art and lighting, such as a light column or something else.

custom lighting project, wire pendant lamp

Stoic custom lighting project: Wire pendant lamp

Call the Experts for an Impeccable Solution

Through custom lighting at BSC Custom, you can create art pieces that will delight you and the visitors and give your space that added flair.

Our team is proud of our portfolio, which includes a variety of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces, public and private, small and large scale pieces, throughout the country. Our team is always eager to help you bring the idea into a nicely-crafted product that will stand out. See our facilities and feel free to contact us for any question you have.

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