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Unique & Innovative Custom Lighting Fixtures

Our custom lighting fixtures feature exceptional handcrafted quality and innovative designs. They’re made right here in the USA at our production facility in Metro Denver. If your next project will include custom lighting, BSC Custom has a talented team of designers and fabricators ready to deliver high quality fixtures with lasting visual impact. We create custom lighting solutions for hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail developments, office buildings, and many other spaces.

An idea is all we need to get started. We’ll help you develop a lighting plan and create fixtures that are both functional and beautiful. We design, build, and install lighting for clients all over the United States, and we ship to Canada and other countries.

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Custom Lighting Styles

At BSC Custom we design and fabricate many types of lighting fixtures, from grand hotel chandeliers to stylish lighting for upscale restaurants. We work with a variety of materials to produce lighting that blends perfectly with the existing design of any space. Some of the types of lighting we create include:

  • Pendant fixtures (suspended)
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall lights and sconces – interior and exterior
  • Unique custom fixtures
  • Illuminated architectural elements
  • And many more creative lighting styles

Have something special in mind, or need help with a unique design? Our team of industrial designers and fabricators enjoy a challenge! We take pride in delivering awesome lighting for our customers.

Our Custom Lighting Clients

We provide custom lighting for a wide range of clients, including Architects, Landscape Architects, designers, developers, project managers, and business owners. if you’re a seasoned design professional looking for an experienced and capable design and fabrication partner, BSC Custom is here to help. We also provide specialty fabrication services, unique signage, and premium quality etched glass architectural signage. BSC Custom has tremendous technical capabilities and is a go-to resource for the design community.

If you’re new to custom lighting, we make it easy to get started. We’ll work with you on your lighting ideas, suggest efficiencies and cost saving options, and take care of everything from design to installation.

We take on projects both large and small, from creating a single fixture to designing a full range of lighting for a new development. We also can supply standard fixtures from trusted manufacturers for projects that need a mix of custom and regular lighting.

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Create a Unique Environment With Custom Lighting

Lighting can set the mood and inspire customers and guests. It can transform your building, square, lobby, or business into a welcoming space. There’s so much more to lighting than mere illumination. Carefully designed custom lighting can create a warm and inviting experience, with the fixtures themselves adding to the overall design.

Guests and customers are very sensitive to their surroundings, and custom lighting has the wonderful ability to create mood and atmosphere. It’s something that stock standard fittings just can’t deliver. You have the ability to create art pieces that will be the focal point of the room, as well as making for a conversation starter. Designs are limited only by your imagination. Lights can be made from a variety of materials, have different finishes and colors, be any shape or scale you desire, and can have various illumination properties.

Looking at your lighting as an opportunity to create, you can transform an ordinary space into a something special, with illumination and artwork to be proud of. Why settle for simply lighting a room, when you could create a space that people want to be in? With the right custom lighting, the act of waiting in the reception area doesn’t need to bring on feelings of boredom and frustration, when you can instead help visitors feel relaxed and content.

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