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Littleton Village Outdoor Art Project

They’re whimsical, imaginative, and fun. The Littleton Village leaf canopy project features beautiful and unique sculptures, fabricated and installed by BSC Custom. You can see the sculptures for yourself at Central Park in the Littleton Village development, which is located about ten miles south of Denver, Colorado.

Littleton Village leaf canopy sculpture

Leaf sculpture with festoon poles in the background

Littleton Village is a 77-acre planned development located in the SE corner of the City of Littleton, about one mile north of the 470 perimeter highway.  Littleton Village is being developed by Watt Companies, which is working with residential builders Richmond American Homes and Century Communities. There will be a variety of housing types including single-family detached, townhouses and multi-family. According to the developer’s website, there will be up to 900 residential units and 250,000 S.F. of commercial/retail space.

Littleton Village map

The leaf canopy project was designed by Denver’s Norris Design, with input from BSC Custom. The outdoor art pieces are located in the large central park at Littleton Village. Norris Design also developed the concept for the park space and amenities. We worked with the Littleton Village Metropolitan District, which was created for this development and had overall responsibility for the project.

The goal of the project was to create a unique public space in the central park. BSC Custom’s project specialist, Stephanie Radke, collaborated on the design with the landscape architects, and together they came up with the leaf canopy concept. The vision for the project was to produce a large 3D sculpture that incorporates biomimcry in combination with bold, modern architecture.

Closeup of leaf canopy sculpture

Each sculpture features three large colorful leaves

BSC Custom built two large leaf sculptures, each with a central pole and three leaf elements. We also installed a set of five festoon poles that support cables and lanterns.

Ground level lighting has been placed around the leaf canopy sculptures to create a dramatic night effect.

BSC Custom worked closely with the site developer, landscape architects, and professional engineers throughout the project. This was truly a collaborative project that involved the creative vision and technical skills of many professionals.

Render Study

Littleton Village render study by BSC Custom

It’s a good thing that BSC Custom has a production facility that can accommodate large projects —  this project was big! The two large leaves are 27 feet long and 18 feet wide at the broadest point. The smaller leaves are 16 feet and 14 feet from tip to tip. The central steel poles are 24 feet in height.

From the start of the project we knew that efficient onsite assembly would be important. The leaf elements had to be designed so they could be suspended from a crane and then easily and safely bolted into place. We solved this challenge by collaborating closely with the structural engineers and suggesting changes based on input from our entire design and fabrication team.

BSC Custom’s Dustin Monroe created 3D design models to share fabrication ideas with the engineering firm and the architects. When you look at the photos and drawings, you can see the fabrication challenges involved as the design calls for complex compound curves.


Leaf elements for the Littleton Village project

Leaf element on the BSC Custom shop floor

Leaf canopy element

The leaf sculptures look like something out of a science fiction movie

After fabrication was complete, the leaves were moved to our back lot. Sandblasting prepared the steel surfaces for the best possible paint quality and adhesion.


Sandblasting one of the leaves at BSC Custom

Installation of each leaf canopy structure was done over a two day period. Because of the size of the largest leaves, they had to be constructed in two pieces in order to be transportable. The project pieces were loaded on a flatbed truck and delivered to Littleton Village. The two halves of the largest leaf were then welded on site. The smaller leaves were more manageable and fit onto the truck in one piece.

Littleton Village project delivery

Truck arrives at Littleton Village with the pieces for the second leaf canopy sculpture

A large construction crane lifted the elements into position while our crew bolted them into place. Months of careful planning paid off, as the installation and assembly went smoothly. Not only was this project complex in design, it was also weighty! The top leaves each weigh about 5,700 pounds. Each structure weighs a total of about 11,000 pounds including the center pole.

Project installation at Littleton Village

After many months of planning and fabrication, it was so rewarding to see the pieces being assembled and installed at Littleton Village. It’s our hope that this public art installation will lead to discussion, smiles, and a sense of wonder in children and adults for many years to come.

Here’s a collection of project photos. Click on any image for a larger version, or click here to see the project portfolio.


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