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Your outdoor space is often the first impression when visitors approach your business or organization headquarters. Even before they enter the building, they can already be dazzled by the outdoor yard or patio that welcomes them.

Trees and Plants

Hospice 4

Denver Hospice trees under eaves

Trees and plants contribute enormously to the ambiance. However, many of them require adequate sunlight, climate, care with fertilizers, pruning, and so on. Many of the beautiful trees are affected by the (harsh) weather. This is why fabricated trees and plants became more prominent and popular in the landscaping and interior market.

There are many advantages of fabricated trees and greenery other than the obvious decorative purposes. If your outdoor space lacks grown trees, but you want the shade that the trees provide when you sit underneath them, then fabricated trees are a great solution for that purpose.

It is important to know exactly what your idea of the outdoor design should be, so you can consult with your landscape designer for the type of tree that is to be made and the place it will be installed and secured to the ground.

Fabricated greenery can also find its way in the interiors, and it doesn’t have to be a whole tree that takes up space. Sometimes, few decorative branches are all that are needed to complete and enliven the hallways of a building. The advantage here is also in the ease of maintenance and the neat appearance.

We at BSC Custom are able to completely manufacture your desired trees and greenery in our production facilities.

Rock Work


Another important element in the landscape design is the use of stone or rock work. Unlike trees and other plants, rocks are much more resilient to various weather conditions. Rocks – artificial or natural – can be great for making a small waterfall in your backyard, or as part of a fence or any other decorative or sculptural element. The other good news is that you can combine rock work and signage and create a beautiful, unique sign for your organization or business, or simply the name of your vacation villa.

So, if you can imagine it, we can certainly produce it!

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