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Custom-made elements, both decorative and architectural (structural) are crucial for achieving a distinctive space with its own identity. Most architects, engineers, and designers are familiar with the advantages of specially fabricated components. A custom-made element is made to fit the specific space in terms of style, shape, and concept.

specialty fabrication, art, flow project

Specialty Fabrication for Creative Projects

Creating or updating a space (interior, exterior, public or residential) is a complex process that requires a lot of planning, brainstorming, research, and designing. All of this for the final result – a design that will fit in and stand out at the same time. At BSC Custom, we perfectly understand the design process and the fabrication process and are successfully operating on those principles with many developers and architects.

When drafting or completing a new design project, certain elements cannot be negotiated at the expense of the original concept. That is why architects, designers, and even engineers turn to specialty fabrication.

bar pendant lights

Venga bar lighting project

And here comes the other crucial part of the process – a professional collaboration between them and the team that fabricates those elements. Our skilled team is also providing valuable input to them in terms of choosing the most suitable materials for a specific object or the construction methods.

Any elements, from signage to decorative pieces such as art installations, to structural and functional such as reception desks, bar counters, staircases and railings, outdoor urban elements and other architectural elements can be fabricated at our facilities.

Palazzo lighting project, glass pendant lamps in the lobby

Palazzo lighting project: glass pendant lamps in the lobby

We also specialize in custom lighting and create lovely unique pieces of lighting fixtures for residential and commercial spaces.

This variety of expertise and capabilities also gives designers a chance to combine several features into one element, for example – a lighted column, or a lighted monumental signage.

The right place for specialty fabrication

rail swings, custom specialty fabrication

Public space project: Rail Swings

BSC Custom has valuable expertise in specialty fabrication for both structural and decorative elements, as well as large-scale art installations, and experience in collaboration with designers and architects. We are proud of what we have produced so far and are eager to expand our portfolio with more custom projects of yours! Contact us to get started.


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