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A donor wall is a great and elegant way to thank and give recognition to your donors, volunteers, or staff, and to celebrate achievements of your organization.

Sometimes named as the “recognition display,” it should not only list names which deserve to be acknowledged, but it also needs to subtly reflect the core values and visions of the organization. Consider it to be an additional spot where others can learn more about the concept if it.

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The Content

First, determine the goal of installing a donor wall. Is it more for informative purposes, a thank-you note for your past donors and participants, or a call for future enthusiasts to join in the expansion of your organization? In short, would you like to emphasize your past achievements or focus on future development, or perhaps do a timeline of both?

Create a general concept of the display itself in terms of size, shape, and color. How much space is needed to inscribe the current information, and how much do you plan to leave for future donors?

Display and Materials

Are there any structural or environmental conditions that must be taken into account for the donor wall? What pre-installation arrangements are necessary?

Materials can vary depending on the nature and image of your organization. Glass is often chosen as it offers timeless design and an elegant appeal. We create beautiful etched glass donor walls with our computer-controlled glass sandblasting equipment.

Regarding the display itself, triple-spellcheck all the names and verify the titles. The list that you’ll give to the manufacturer must be thoroughly checked by you, and it is your (company’s) responsibility to submit it with correct data.

Know in advance the approximate cost of any updates needed, and call a qualified company that has a solid background in donor walls.

Monitor the budget – but more importantly, keep the quality

There is no excuse for low quality! Remember the purpose of this donor wall and the lasting effect it will have on the image of your company –and consequently on the future prospects of your organization. Think of your donor wall as a marketing strategy that can draw in more donors and better prospects or reflect back – if you are the donor, what would be your minimum expectations of a donor wall, and what would impress you?

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