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If you have a unique design or lighting project and need the right assistance to build it, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we are passionate about, that’s where we excel. BSC Custom’s specialty fabrication team is a tremendous resource for anyone facing the challenge of building custom architectural elements.

Custom made elements, both architectural (structural) and decorative are key components in creating a unique space with its own identity. The advantages of specially fabricated components are known to many architects, engineers, and designers. A custom-tailored element is made to fit the specific space in terms of size, form, and concept.

Town of Eagle, Broadway sign with a metal Eagle on topCustom-Made Elements done by the experts

When creating a new project or design, some elements can not be negotiated for the original design. This is where the custom fabrication process comes in. Engineers and architects alone can not create the specifically desired element. A collaboration between the designer and the producer (manufacturer) is crucial for an exquisite and well-manufactured product. A skilled and experienced manufacturer can, for example, provide valuable input for the best material for a particular fabricated element or suggest the most effective way for construction of the same.

Our Scope of Work

We have done many projects that fall into these categories, but are not limited to:

Marriott Renaissance lighting project

Marriott Renaissance lighting project, pendant lamps


Call us for your Project

BSC Custom is all about transforming your ideas into reality. No business owner or developer would like a generic solution for its premises. Creative design applied to our everyday surroundings has the ability to transform ordinary architectural components into aesthetically pleasing signature elements.

We have the experience and technical expertise to overcome challenges and get the job done right – our satisfied customers and our work speak of our dedication to impeccable work.




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