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Retail spaces are one of the most exciting spaces to (re)design. They call for extra creativity and vision and can be the creative challenge for many designers and architects.

Whether as a stand in a shopping mall, a boutique, a book-store, and even a coffee-shop that sells their products, these types of areas are ideal to display brand creativity and strive for uniqueness.

Genuine Makeover with Custom-Made Design

There are many reasons why designers and architects often turn to custom-fabricated elements for retail and commercial spaces.

The made-to-measure factor is one of the key factors – elements specifically designed and produced to certain dimensions.

Design – probably the most appealing factor for the clients. But for designers, it gives them the freedom to incorporate elements that will truly represent their original design concept.

custom lighting for commercial and retial

Do you need an exclusive counter or an appealing display of the items on sale? At BSC Custom, our team of capable and talented designers, painters, and fabricators in our production facilities can work with various materials such as aluminum, copper, wood, glass, acrylic, sheet metal, and masonry to produce stands, signs, displays, artificial greenery, counters, art installation, and custom lighting.

We can work on creating single (unit) elements, or modular elements if needed.

Making an element from more than one material (like the combination of wood, glass or copper) can result in a beautiful piece of furniture for a store.

unique custom lighting : golden metal lamps over


Custom Lighting for Retails and Malls

Lighting elements are crucial for both creating ambiance and providing functionality. It has a subtle, but deep impact on people’s mood and response, so it has the power to convert any (commercial) space into something more extraordinary. We have designed and constructed many types of lighting fixtures for commercial spaces, both for indoors and outdoors. Pendant lamps, chandeliers, recessed lights, wall-mounted, illuminated elements, and other unique designs made from a variety of materials will add value to your space.

We love the custom design, taking basic components and materials and transforming them into unique and functional final products that will delight our clients. Feel free to contact us for any such creative project or idea, we’ll do our best to give you helpful advice and manage the project for design and production.

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