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Elegant & Functional Sandblasted Glass Signs

BSC Custom produces a wide variety of sandblasted, etched, and frosted glass signage for both interior and exterior use. Our glass signs provide a beautiful and elegant addition to any building’s design.

The process of artistic glass sandblasting allows for a tremendous variety of design possibilities. It ranges from small functional signs that are strictly business, to large sandblasted glass installations that are signature architectural elements in upscale buildings. Our goal is flawless performance in creating your design in glass. Creating custom sandblasted glass signs is truly an artisanal process, requiring great technical skill and experience, combined with an artistic eye. It’s a specialized service that simply isn’t available from most sign companies.

The main products in our glass division are:

  • ADA compliant signage
  • Glass donor walls
  • Etched glass interior signs

ADA Compliant Signage

BSC Custom’s sign division produces the highest quality ADA compliant etched glass signage. These glass signs have great perceived value and a modern look that fits into any building design.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public and commercial buildings offer ADA compliant signs to accommodate the blind and people with low vision. One of the requirements is that signs in common areas include raised lettering and braille. You can see the U.S. Government’s ADA design standards here.

These ADA compliant signs are required to show floor numbers outside elevators, and identify office suites, conference rooms, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, and emergency exits. 

Many architects and designers prefer using sandblasted glass signage for meeting the ADA raised lettering and braille requirements. The tactile braille characters on our glass signs are extremely durable and long lasting. The raised lettering requirement on these ADA signs has to meet standards for contrast. At BSC Custom we use environmentally responsible low VOC paint to provide the color and contrast.

Our glass division has tremendous experience with ADA signage and can help you with any questions. We can fabricate and install these signs locally in Colorado, or ship them throughout the United States and Canada.

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Donor Walls

Creating an etched glass donor wall is an elegant and beautiful way to recognize the contributions of an organization’s supporters. Glass donor walls are simply spectacular! The names of individual donors are precision etched onto a sheet of glass, along with information about the organization. Custom lighting and architectural accents complete the display.

You have probably seen donor recognition walls prominently displayed at universities, hospitals, non-profit agencies, and museums. They are used to recognize not only an organization’s financial donors, but also the volunteers, staff, funding partners, and other people who have been important to their success.

Our computer controlled glass sandblasting equipment can handle glass up to 72 inches in width, and in any length that is practical to ship and install. For large installations we create donor walls with multiple glass panels. The end result can be a beautiful and awe inspiring monument to an organization’s supporters.

We can also design and fabricate custom light fixtures to illuminate the donor wall, and fabricate custom architectural elements to complete the display.

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Sandblasted Glass Interior Signs 

BSC Custom also produces etched glass signs for general use inside buildings. This includes all types of non-ADA wayfinding signs, corporate identity signs, sandblasted architectural glass elements, and many more applications.

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