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As a business owner, you want your brand to stand out in every way possible. Whether you are providing a product or a service (or even both), you want consistency and originality to be present in the design and structural elements.

Custom Designed Elements Bring Extra Value

Custom-made elements can be applied in any architectural, structural, or design project.

Specialty fabrication and custom-made elements are favored by developers, architects, and designers for several reasons.

  • They add value to space with their originality.
  • They create memorable impressions to visitors or clients.
  • The original design concept is followed with matching style and not compromised with a mass-product.
  • You can modify the design and be part of the process with our design and operating professionals.
leaf canopy sculpture installation

Leaf canopy sculpture in Littleton by BSC Custom

Before, custom-made was often (mistakenly) associated exclusively with costly investment and luxury items. However, with newer production technologies and a variety of materials greater than ever before, custom-made elements can fit within various budgets and project ranges.

Architectural and structural elements

We also specialize in the fabrication of architectural and structural elements. A few examples are, specific columns and beams, supportive elements, staircases and railings, room dividers, illuminated signage for various businesses (LED, solar-powered), 3D signs, outdoor and urban equipment for organizations and urban communities, boundaries, and fences…

Custom lighting is a special branch that we specialize in, having done many projects for commercial spaces.

All these elements can be made to perfectly incorporate and reflect your business and brand identity.

Our team of experts and our production facilities allow for work with different materials, from aluminum, steel, copper, sheet metal, masonry, wood, glass and etched glass, acrylic…

Artistic Design

Apart from functional and structural elements, you can add more flair to your business property with artistic pieces or installations. Totems, lighted totems, sculptural work, art installations, light-fixtures, artificial greenery, and other elements can create memorable experiences to visitors and clients.

We love to design and build. It’s in our DNA

It is no secret that we at BSC Custom treat every custom fabricated piece as a work of art. Either functional or purely for aesthetic purposes, our portfolio is made up of different types of custom-made elements.

Light Fixtures and Architectural Elements in Denver

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