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Whether it’s a park, a playground, a passage, or a square, public spaces (and outdoor spaces in general) occupy a substantial part of our urban environments.

There’s a constant strive among urban planners to improve those spaces because they are a significant segment of the public’s everyday life and dictate the pulse of a city or smaller urban community.

Because they are a meeting point (intentionally or accidentally) for diverse groups of people in terms of age and lifestyle, the approach to creating or updating such spaces differs a lot than when designing for an individual.

Simply, more factors need to be accommodated to contribute to the quality of a public space for a larger group of people.

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Elements of Public Spaces

Urban equipment includes many elements (but is not limited to): benches, lampposts, bins, lighting, signage, city lights, playground and recreational equipment, bicycle racks, and even installation objects as pure art. Many would agree “function comes first,” but aesthetics and convenience are right next to it. The challenge arises when some elements planned in the original design do not correlate with the rest of the urban equipment that is available on pre-made serial (mass) production.

In that case, a custom made, specialty-fabrication is the right move.

rail swings, custom specialty fabrication

Our rail swings with blue cords at Tail Tracks Plaza, Denver.

Benefits of Custom-Made Specialty Fabrication

Often, the type of structure for lamp posts or the structural part for benches available at serial manufacturers are limited and do not match the prime project and design details. With a made-to-measure specialty fabrication, the original concept is not compromised by the lack of custom designed elements.

For example, city lights, which often prevail in the urban areas, can be well-fit and seamlessly incorporated into a “total design” concept, working together with the rest of the elements such as benches, lamp posts, and so on.

Close collaboration between architects and planners on one side and manufacturers on the other is crucial for a satisfying end result of the concept execution.

BSC Custom has a valuable expertise in specialty fabrication for both structural and decorative elements from steel, bronze, or copper, as well as large-scale art installations and an experience in collaboration with designers and architects.

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