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Specialty fabrication enables you to make almost any desired and custom designed element of an interior space. Among the rest of them, staircases and handrails are some of those essential elements in your home or lobby.

Design Elements and Materials for Staircases

As a part of an interior, staircases with railings should match the style of the overall designed space. Very often – and especially if the staircase is visible from the entrance or is centrally positioned in the interior – it can become the main design element and a subject of interest and admiration. Thus, investing in an artfully manufactured staircase often pays off for the overall look of the space.

It is important for the manufacturer to be able to collaborate with architects or designers so it can deliver the best of their idea within the customer’s budget and preferences.


With time, styles change. From traditional and classic wood to minimalistic floating or see-through glass, stairs are truly calling for the creative mind. Whether it is wood, glass, stainless steel, or any other metal, we can produce the form you wish to achieve in our facilities, both for residential and commercial spaces, indoors or outdoors.


Several things contribute to the design of the staircase. Railings, once intended solely for safety purposes, now are becoming the main design detail. Many times, it is the railing that defines the style of the entire staircase and can even be the starting point for designing the staircase. Here, the possibilities are limitless regarding forms and materials: glass, iron, brass, wood, etc…

Wrought iron is often associated with traditional styles, although it can fit in an industrial-style interior as well, whereas glass railing or thin wire railings are usually the top choices for ultra-modern interiors.

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Lighted Staircase

Bring the best of custom lighting and custom-made stairs to produce an outstanding lighted staircase that will become the main designed feature in your home or hotel lobby.

The BSC Custom team is experienced and capable of providing the stairs and handrails that you want. Also, see what we’ve done so far with specialty fabrication for many other elements or contact us for more inquiries.

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