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Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely inviting outdoor space? Especially during warmer seasons, when we enjoy the spring breeze during office break hour or summer evenings in a restaurant garden or private backyard.

When we say outdoor, people often imagine greenery, water, pools – which are some of the elements of outdoor designed spaces. However, an outdoor space is not complete without some other elements that are essential in creating a beautiful yard or garden space, and this is where the specialty fabrication from BSC Custom comes in!

Custom Fixtures For Outdoor Lighting

Custom Fixtures For Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Elements Made With Specialty Fabrication

Almost anything can be designed or fabricated with our team in our facilities: benches, signage, outdoor lighting fixtures, fences, rockwork, and even artificial greenery and trees.

If you just need some new addition, such as new unique light fixture or a swing to add to your yard, we can work with a single element and provide you with that. Likewise, we are ready for more complex projects that involve different types of elements that will be incorporated into the outdoor space.

Custom Lighting Makes  Public and Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Custom Lighting Makes For A Special Mood

At dusk, the lights go on! It is truly an enjoyment to sit outside surrounded by one-of-a-kind lights, or relaxing on that swing. We have fabricated many types of lighting fixtures, with different materials in various locations. Suspended lights, light totems, mounted fixtures, and much more are just part of our portfolio.

Public and Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Custom specialty fabrication

Custom-made rail swings with blue cords: functional and structural aspect

Not limited to private backyards, our work for specialty fabrication has seen the light of the day in public areas as well. The project with swing rails at Tail Tracks Plaza in Denver is one of them.

We Are Always Open For Collaboration

BSC Custom team values the collaboration with developers, architects, and designers. Joining forces with them on one side with production craftsmen on the other, a work of art can be created that will stand tall and memorable. We are eager to receive your inquiry and start on our next project!

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