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Anything unique for a space can be made with specialty fabrication. Its application in design is unlimited, and architects and designers love to see their ideas realized through this process.

Hotels are one of those spaces where the uniqueness and creativity can really stand out to many. Hotel lobbies and bars, in particular, are visible to many visitors, be it hotel guests or passersby. This gives the hotel owners and developers the perfect chance to exhibit a distinctive style and feel through custom fabricated elements and custom lighting.

Custom Fabricated Elements of Design

Marriott Renaissance Custom Lighting Project 8

Marriott Renaissance Custom Lighting Project

Within the BSC Custom production facilities and with our skilled staff, almost any element can be custom fabricated to the finest detail. We treat every element as a work of art.

In hotels, the reception desks and lobbies are the first “welcoming“ elements and give the first aesthetic impression for the visitors and guests. Reception desks made of crafted wood, copper, glass – or a combination of these elements can become the wow factor of the space. Our team can offer valuable assistance in providing the optimal solution for structural support or materials for these elements. We are known for collaborating with designers and developers in these stages in order to develop a satisfying product for our clients.

Custom Lighting for Hotels and Bars

As one of the most important elements in design, unique lighting in commercial spaces such as hotels and bars is essential for the guests’ experience. Lighting fixtures, whether suspended, wall-mounted, or self-standing, can be custom made in our production facilities to complement the overall design of the interior as a whole. These fixtures can also create a focal point that will become the highlight of the space custom made elements through specialty fabrication is a great investment that more and more developers turn to. It gives the designers the freedom to express their concept and the value of owning a unique place to the developers and owners.

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