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For centuries, etched glass has been used in ornamenting windows, doors, or other objects composed of glass. The techniques of etching have varied over time, from acid etching with hydrofluoric acid first, to mold etching in the 1920s, frost etching, and today with the process of sandblasting.

The sandblasting technique uses abrasive particles to create microscopic chips on the glass surface. It gives the highest quality and beautiful even finish, and its application possibilities are almost unlimited. The design options are likewise as wide as your imagination.

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Architectural Etched Glass Tower 

Etched Glass as A Design Element

Applicable to windows, room dividers, glass doors, shower screens, or another flat glass element, etching is an excellent way to change the look of the glass and subsequently transform the look of the entire room or space.

Whether it is a strict and elegant business signage or a custom artistic expression for your business lobby or home dining room, etched glass can find its way to either aesthetically serve (as a signage) or contribute to your space by giving it its own identity. Welcome guests into your restaurant with an incredible etched glass portal, or etch the logo of your splendid hotel onto the shower screens in the guest rooms.

Do It The Right Way

Of course, as with any art or craft, great works are made by skillful professionals that have the experience, the tools, and the passion for making it right from the first scratch!

BSC Custom specializes in three types of etched glass:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Glass Signs, which require raised letters and braille symbols on the signage in government and commercial buildings. See more about the standards here.
  • Sandblasted Glass signs for commercial signage and use
  • Sandblasted Glass for donor wall recognition

Depending on your project and the need for etched glass, our staff is available to help you choose the right color, type, and thickness of glass for the designated project.

We are dedicated to each piece to create a perfection from it and to leave you satisfied by the quality of execution.

Check our portfolio to see some of the projects we have done so far. We are also looking forward enriching it with your next design project!

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