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The United States is still relatively new as a country – historically speaking. Heck, there are even books that exist as historical artifacts scattered around the world that precede the founding of our country. Denver, Colorado is no exception either, being that it is only a little over a century old.

That’s not the same as saying, however, that you can’t find the influence of history within Denver – especially within its architecture. As the city grows and develops, there still seems to be a mix of older style buildings that are adjacent to modern architecture marvels. For example, you can see buildings that are reminiscent of older style structures found in the mining and gold rush era as well as brand new, high-tech commercial towers.

As a creative firm, we draw inspiration from all over the world. But since we are based in Colorado, there are certain things in the local area that give us inspiration on a daily basis.


The following are some of our favorite structures in the Denver area.

The Colorado State Capitol

Image via Flickr by J. Stephen Conn

This structure is easily seen and recognized due to its golden dome that can be seen from great distances. Like many governmental buildings, it draws elements of its design from Greek and Corinthian influence and flaunts many large, white columns. The exterior gets much of its beauty due to the types of materials used – namely granite, onyx, and sandstone.

The Denver Art Museum

Image via Flickr by Jacqueline Poggi

Would you expect an art museum to not be visually attractive architecturally and have an amazing design? Of course not, and the Denver Art Museum never fails to impress. Some even compare the North Building to that of a castle, and sports reflective tiles that will dazzle your eyes. Also, the structure of specific areas of the roof are becoming iconic due to their uniqueness. Designed by neo-classical architect Gio Ponti and James Sudler & Associates, the art museum is nothing short of stunning.

The Brown Palace

brown palace

Image via Flickr by Beaster725

The Brown Palace hotel is located in the eastern downtown area, and has a spectacular Victorian interior. Staying here makes you feel like you belong in the top 1%, and it has been open since 1892. From gold rushers to modern travelers (and even The Rolling Stones), this hotel has given refuge to people for over a century. Henry C. Brown helped create this Italian Renaissance-influenced hotel with the help of Frank E. Edbrooke, who had also helped to architect the State Capitol.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

red rocks amphitheater

Image via Flickr by Jasperdo

Located about 15 miles outside of Denver, this is one of the coolest structures in the area. Though some may claim the chief architect of this beautiful amphitheater was Mother Nature, architect Burnham Hoyt helped to reshape the area with over 9,000 perfectly lined seats. The facility has been utilized for concerts since 1910, but the area is also used for other types of recreation, graduations, and exercise activities. One of the reasons this structure is so unique compared to other architecture in the Denver area is due to blending of human architecture with natural scenery.

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