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From Idea to Concept to Prototype …. to the Final Product

Ever wondered how a product has been transformed from an idea to an element ready for use?  Planning, designing, and fabrication are processes that are inseparable when creating a new product. There are multiple stages in-between, and each of these should be approached with knowledge and understanding, so the whole overall process runs smoothly and the initial project sees the light of the day.

from idea to prototype and to final product: lighting produced by BSC Custom

Lighting fixture by BSC Custom

It all begins with good communication

Creating a custom fabricated element naturally requires a solid collaboration with architects, engineers, designers, or developers.

At BSC Custom we know that open communication is the first significant step in that direction. Getting to know our clients’ intent and vision about a product as clearly as possible is essential in finding the best solution in terms of function, aesthetics, and budget.


Open and thorough conversation is important since it helps understand our clients’ needs first, and subsequently, it points out to any possible challenges that might arise, design-wise or production-wise where the client is not sure of. And here we come to the planning stage, where details about the further production process (from scale to budget) are planned.

Broadway sign 3

Town of Eagle, Broadway sign with a metal Eagle on top

Depending on which phase the client’s concept or design is, the design may or may not be done by BSC. For example, sometimes the client provides us with drawings, schemes, and even technical drawings about their project. Other times, we are involved in the project right from the beginning of the concept stage. Our professional designer and production team then can provide a set of drawings and realistic 3D drawings for approval.

pendant lamp on the shop table

Once they are approved, and the budget is set, the production is set to begin in our facilities.

Your Design or Concept Fabricated to the Finest Detail

Working with a team that has gone numerous times through all these processes, and has completed many projects successfully, is a huge advantage and support for any custom architectural or design piece.

We deal with limited budgets and tight timelines regularly, and we like to surprise our clients with creative solutions! Contact us to get your project started… and finished!


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