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Today’s design and brand gurus are brimming with helpful advice on color, fonts, contents, highlights, and so on for creating catchy signage for your brand. However, most of these fall into the category of 2D design within the boundaries of a certain billboard.

101 sign

Creating your own 3D unique signage is a step further. It makes your brand stand out and can very well serve as a decorative outdoor element.

Not Just A Sign

At BSC Custom, we have a broader and open approach to all that we do. We do not think only in terms of a sign for the sake of a sign only. We would like to encourage you to make the best of your sign by converging signage, custom lighting, and art installation into one unique piece that will stand out.

Models of Signage

As a division of the full-service BSC Signs company, BSC Custom offers a full range of UL listed commercial signage in our production facility in Denver. This is where creativity and ideas meet bespoke production and high-quality manufacture.

Black Hawk 7

Illuminated signage: Black Hawk Next Bus sign with details

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated Signage has a great impact no matter the time of the day. An internally illuminated sign can be either LED, neon, or other such lighting technology, but we are always open to discuss with you what the best choice for illuminating your sign is. Often, they go hand in hand with the convenient digital signage at which we also excel.

Stand-Alone Monument Signs

This type of non-attached signage is a real potential for a work of art itself. Architectural custom made fabrication from different elements – such as wood, steel, glass, copper, aluminum, and more – can be processed to create suitable and unique signage in the form of an art installation.

The process of creating signage can perfectly incorporate etched glass, custom lighting, and installation in one piece.

Lincoln Commons signage

Monumental signage: Lincoln Commons tall signage in front of the building

3D Letters

No specific space for a sign? Do you just want to keep it minimal, but still be present with a unique sign? Then 3D lettering (with your logo, or as a message board) is for you. They can also be illuminated; the size and depth are for you to choose.

Besides the above-stated models, we also specialize in the following types of signage: blade signs, pole and pylon signs, electronic message board signs, channel letter signs with LED illumination, push-through signs, and more.

We look forward to making another unique piece of signage that will stand out – and that of which you’ll be as proud as you are of your brand.

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