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Whether you knew it or not, the weather and atmospheric conditions affect our moods, thoughts, and feelings in a very powerful way. Many people feel better in the summer than they do in the winter, and part of this is due to the benefits of natural sunlight. Though there are many benefits of sunlight, the greatest advantages are an improved sleep cycle and reduced stress.

When winter rolls around, the grey skies and the lack of direct sunlight is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. One reason why people typically favor the warmer months and summertime is because light stimulates our bodies and minds. Oh, and don’t forget that the summer months get more hours of sunlight per day than the winter months. When the Earth tilts on its axis during the winter, we receive less natural sunlight per day than we do in the warmer months. As diurnal creatures who prefer to be active during the day, we rely on sunlight to wake us up, energize our moods, and promote happiness and productivity.

But how would our lives change if there was a way to artificially simulate sunlight no matter the time of year, season, or weather conditions? Interestingly enough, it seems that science has made some leaps and bounds creating a solution to this problem – a solution that could change the way we live (and possibly where we live) forever.

A startup company in Europe called CoeLux has found a way to match artificial lighting with the expected lighting conditions from the sun in various locations around the world. By imitating the sunlight from countries high in the northern hemisphere or tropical locations, they can easily create a location dependent lighting technology that adapts to the sun’s patterns year round.

How It Works

This innovating company uses LEDs and a specialized plastic that have been optimized to mimic the very light from the sun. They do this by manipulating the light’s wavelengths, but they also have to account for various atmospheric conditions that would filter or alter the light in many different ways. Also, they had to take altitude into account for their solution because the atmosphere is thicker the closer you are to surface of the Earth while it is thinner at high altitude locations such as mountains. But what’s the secret sauce they are using to imitate these finicky atmospheric conditions?

Essentially, they use a very thin layer (we’re talking millimeters) of plastic that has extremely tiny nanoparticles embedded inside. The details and specifications of how this type of nanotechnology works haven’t been disclosed to the public yet, but it has been shown that it does a fantastic job of imitating natural sunlight. Even though we don’t know exactly how it works, amazed that sometjhing like this does work. There have been many peer reviews, awards, and genuine customers describing how fantastic this technology is.

Potential Applications

But just take a moment to think about how this technology could transform your business property. Lighting fixtures can drastically change the look and feel of a room, but this natural sunlight replacement will be able to alter the positivity of your environment in ways that haven’t been seen before. For example, there are some rooms in certain buildings where there isn’t really an opportunity for any natural sunlight to enter. Now, however, you can make these types of rooms appear as though they have a skylight overflowing with beautiful sunshine.

In addition, consider two other key benefits from this ground-breaking technology. People are frequently more productive when they are happy and regularly exposed to light. With this lighting solution in your workplace, it would undoubtedly promote happier, mentally-healthier, and more productive employees. But it could also affect your customers, too. It has long been known that restaurants sometimes play more upbeat music in an effort to psychologically encourage their patrons to eat more and spend more money.

But lighting will also serve to change behaviors. It has been shown in the past the amount of sunlight a person receives affects their metabolism, and dark and gloomy environments create a slower, less active ambience. If your business favors a brighter ambience, artificial lighting is a must to invite customers through your doors. Though these may be extremely practical applications, there may be other uses for this amazing technology in the future.

This technology seems to be something out of a science-fiction film. Consider just how far this technology could be taken. As NASA and other space programs make plans in the distant future to permanently send humans to Mars, this technology could have profound psychological effects on pioneers’ well-being. Though this is admittedly a little far-fetched, did you ever dream that someone would succeed at emulating sunshine?

To ground ourselves back on planet Earth, just imagine how this lighting technology could improve your home. Regardless of the weather, overcast skies, rain, sleet, or other dreary conditions that can dampen your mood, your inside living space would still look and feel as though it was a bright a sunny day. Just think how this could transform your dark and seldom-used basement. Instead of wasting livable space as a storage area, artificial sunlight could turn the darker areas of your home into a warm, inviting, and homey area. Who knows, expanding on that idea, maybe the future is ‘ground-scapers,’ rather than the traditional skyscrapers!

If you’re the type of person that needs bright and cheery spaces to survive and thrive, then a nanotech “skylight” is going to work wonders in your life. Imagine a life where you don’t need to feel depressed and apathetic in the winter or scared to venture into the depths of your gloomy basement. As this technology expands and grows, you won’t need to plaster the walls in dark rooms with mirrors in an effort to bring insubstantial amounts of natural light into your home. And forget about fluorescent lights in your basement! You’ll have the beauty of natural sunlight right at your fingertips.

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