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The art and craft of specialty fabrication are applicable to any element in space. Almost anything can be a subject to specialty fabrication, such as dividers, doors, light columns, stairs and railings, reception desks, decorative elements, and so on.

Besides for indoor spaces, custom fabricated elements can be produced for outdoor spaces, whether in the form of custom lighting, landscape elements such as artificial trees and rock work, or a sculptural piece of art.

Our expertise and experience give us the ability to work with different materials. In our facilities, our team is ready to bring designed elements to life with steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, rock, wood, or glass.

Outdoor Decorative Project

Leaf Canopy Project – Outdoor Decorative Project

Advantages with Specialty Fabrication

Custom-made elements are a top choice for designer and architects, as well as for developers, for a few reasons:

  • The primary design concept is kept and is not compromised for something similar but not unique
  • They add value to the space with their originality
  • They create unforgettable impressions to guests
  • Often, they are more cost-effective than retrofits

The advantage of custom-made elements is increasingly more popular than ever after a period of the ever-present mass-production.

Our Professional Assistance

Close collaboration between architects on one side and manufacturers on the other is crucial for a satisfying end result of the concept execution.

Custom-made elements

Town of Eagle, Broadway sign with a metal eagle on top

Sometimes, designers or developers need assistance in deciding which way to go in terms of materials or production process, and we are here to provide you with the best solution in terms of construction and cost-effectiveness.

BSC Custom has a wide range portfolio in specialty fabrication for both architectural and decorative elements such as steel, etched glass, or bronze, as well as large-scale art installations, and experience in collaboration with designers and architects.

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