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As one of the most important elements in any interior or exterior, proper lighting is essential in achieving an atmosphere that is both functional and pleasing. The fixtures themselves can be a repetitive pattern of light spots or a single unit decor to the room, but before you start planning on that, you should know which type of lighting is best suited for a certain space according to its purpose.

creating general lighting

Overhead chandeliers are one way of creating general lighting

Not All Lights Are Created Equal

And rightly so. We need different kinds of lighting depending on what we are doing or what we want to achieve in terms of general mood.

Some find it too complicated to plan their lighting or feel so overwhelmed by the choices, especially with custom-made lighting, that they go for the simplest solutions. Think of lighting as a long-term investment, because it will serve you (should it be proper) and make you feel comfortable in any task you do.

Since people are highly susceptible to light, it is no surprise that some architects and designers choose to specialize in the field of lighting design.

General Lighting

First things first. General lighting – sometimes referred to as ambient lighting – sets the overall main mood in the room. It is quite versatile in terms of usage in space – general lighting can be also the functional task lighting in the living room or home library, or it can be the ambient lighting in a bar or a cozy restaurant.

Nevertheless, it comes first in planning the basic lighting scheme of the room.

Task Lighting

As the name itself suggests, task lighting is intended to for those spots where one should accomplish a task. Some refer it to as the working light. 

Although it is purely for functional reasons, it shouldn’t lack the convenience for the user and, at best, it should be adjustable in terms of intensity and angle. It should never create bright reflections that can strain the eye or be directly pointed to the eyes.

These types of lights can be mostly found on working desks, above kitchen counters, offices, around bathroom mirrors, garages, or anywhere for studying, working, cooking, or doing a hobby. Lately, LED lights are preferred for work lights because they emit less heat and their durability is best.

aesthetic light accent

Colorful wall lamp as an aesthetic light accent

Accent Lighting

Often, this type of lighting comes last – as the icing on the cake. Its main purpose is decorative lighting and creating focal points. Designers often take the opportunity to create custom sculptural pieces for accent light fixtures. Accent lighting works well on a wall – for instance, to draw attention to a picture or photograph, or to create a light pattern with mini directional light spots. Another example is a lighted column as seen in the picture above that transforms an ordinary hallway into a unique passage.

BSC Custom team has the experience of collaborating with designers and architects to help them accomplish the best possible lighting fixture for each type of lighting.

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