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If you take a close look at a BSC Custom light fixture, you’ll see a label with the familiar UL logo. You’ve no doubt seen this logo on all types of electrical devices and appliances, but what does the UL Listed logo represent? 

To electrical inspectors, journeyman electricians, and project managers in the lighting industry, the UL Listed logo means Trusted. Gold standard. Non-negotiable requirement

The UL label assures customers that their new fixture meets strict safety standards and has been manufactured by a UL certified company.


UL is also known as Underwriters Laboratories, and it’s the world’s largest testing and safety organization. The right to affix a UL Listed label is something that is awarded to manufacturers after a thorough evaluation process by UL. It delivers a clear message to customers: this product is safe and certified.

At BSC Custom, we are certified to produce custom UL Listed fixtures. When we deliver a custom lighting fixture to a customer, it will always have a UL Listed certification label. It’s our assurance and guarantee that the fixture fully meets UL requirements.

Along with custom UL Listed light fixtures, BSC Custom is also certified to affix a UL Listed label to electric signs and illuminated architectural elements. BSC Signs is also UL Listed.


Being UL Listed is a very important part of what we do at BSC Custom and BSC Signs. Without the UL Listed label, electricians, electrical inspectors, and building contractors will not allow light fixtures to be installed. The UL LIsted label assures our customers that they are receiving a custom light fixture that meets UL safety requirements.

UL Listed label at BSC Signs

Affixing a UL LIsted label to custom lighting fixtures is not something every company can do. They must undergo an evaluation by UL, submit fixtures for testing, and conform to UL’s follow-up procedures. The process of UL certification can be lengthy and costly, and that serves as a safety measure in itself, assuring buyers that the UL Listed company is well established.

Under the U.S. system, it is the safety and testing organizations such as UL that create national standards. Working together as an industry, standards are developed and then adopted as an American National Standard. Those standards are then set out as requirements in the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is adopted by almost all state and local governments.

You’ve also probably heard of ANSI – the American National Standards Institute. ANSI doesn’t actually create standards, but instead helps to coordinate the voluntary consensus system. It’s a private non-profit organization and acts as a watchdog for the standards system. It provides accreditation of standards developers such as UL, and provide forums for ongoing development of standards.


Part of the responsibility involved with being UL Listed is an obligation to stay up to date with the latest requirements. Our technical staff at BSC Custom and BSC Signs keep on top of UL updates and maintain a solid relationship with UL inspectors. As an example of this communication, a local UL representative recently spoke at the quarterly meeting of the  Colorado Sign Association, held at BSC Signs in Metro Denver. 


Anyone can search the UL public database. As BSC Custom is a division of BSC Signs, we’re covered under their listing. To see for yourself, click here and enter “Broomfield Signs”. Here’s the listing that will appear.



Here’s how UL describes their mission:

Dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments, UL helps safeguard people, products and places in important ways, facilitating trade and providing peace of mind. 

UL is not the only Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. There are other safety and testing companies that are recognized, such as CSA. However, UL is the oldest and most widely recognized standards developer, and has the greatest reach and impact on industry.

UL is not run by the government —it’s an independent for-profit corporation that operates worldwide. UL began over a century ago as Underwriters’ Electrical Bureau, performing laboratory testing of electrical equipment for fire insurance companies. As industry produced more electrical products, Underwriters Laboratories kept pace by expanding its testing services.

In time it moved into new testing and safety categories as technology advanced. It’s now described as the world’s leading safety organization.

Here are some interesting stats from the UL website:

  • Founded in 1894 by William Henry Merrill
  • Over 9,000 employees in 44 countries
  • Provides services in over 113 countries
  • Has over 67,000 customers (companies and organizations)
  • 159 worldwide UL testing labs and certification facilities
  • Works with 19,000 types of products
  • UL Mark appears on over 22 Billion products worldwide

UL provides expertise in many areas, including electrical, wiring and cable, appliances, HVAC systems, chemicals, and numerous other categories. It also provides testing and safety leadership in BSC Custom’s specialty — lighting fixtures.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about UL, you can take a look at this overview page on their website, or take a look at this excellent video from UL’s YouTube channel.


If you have any questions about our UL certification or if you have an idea for a custom lighting project, please give us a call at 303-464-0644 or send an email. We would be happy to provide more information and discuss your project ideas. 

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